Florida, United States

I am Brandon. I have always been a plant enthusiast, planting and growing everything from veggie to fruit that I eat and consume. I do not believe in just buying random seeds in a bag or container, that's one thing about me that a lot of people don't get. My preference consist of me drying and germinating everything from scratch, even taking from crop I already have in order to continue what I have.

My specialties lay within the pepper families. I know exactly what they need and exactly what I need. I grow many different varieties, making sure to formulate and create my own soils/fertilizers. I also grow different varieties of pineapple, tomatoes, melons, oranges, lemons, limes, you name it. Herbs are something I take pride in as well, whether it's basil or rosemary.

When it comes down to it, I am the kind of guy that you will find sitting on the porch with a basket wove hat on smoking an old fashioned tobacco pipe. I gather thousands of peppers a year, 2 thousand or so off one plant I hold dear. My bhut jolokia hybrid scorpion peppers, also known as ghost pepper scorpions. I also have scorpion variant with a jalapeno. It is a wonderful hybrid, smooth around like a jalapeno, with a little curved scorpion tail on the end. Absolutely lovely. They produce the most for me yearly and I keep them going for as long as plantly possible.

Get to know me, you'll like what I have to offer as wisdom and advice goes, don't judge my spelling though, as a writer/poet, if you get what I mean then that is good for me and should be for you, this is not an essay neither are answers.

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