Chris W.

Kansas City

Just a guy helping and learning. Who apparently likes the quicky design related questions in between builds, though I do have a really bad habit of speeding through questions while multi-tasking, or not actually having time to do a full follow-up. So I often answer in comments if it's something answered with a word or single sentence. #SOReadyToHelp ;)

I ❤ S.O. because it's people helping people, without interference of political, racial, social, or religious hindrance.

*However, there are some folks that could do well to leave their ego offline...

Because everyone knows something,
but nobody knows everything... Right?

(Which is why all the stackexchange sites even exist... I mean we've all been there. So there's no reason to be a jerk to someone just trying to learn.)

Professionalistical Disclaimer : All words and outward facing communication are mine alone and do not reflect any stance or opinion of my peers or employers.

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