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I am multi-language and multi-platform programmer. My experience as a programmer is 10+ years. Primarily I program in C++ now, however, I have also experience in Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, C#.NET.

I have also software reverse-engineering experience (x86, x86_64, ARM CPUs, Dalvik virtual machines) and TCP/IP reverse-engineering (SSL man-in-the-middle attack, protocol parsing and emulation).

In C++ I create Internet-related applications: custom servers over TCP/IP, HTTP bots and parsers, chat bots (bulk mail) software, including chat bots that post images and video generated "on the fly".

I have experience with computer vision (OpenCV and Tesseract), including breaking of CAPTCHA (bot text and non-text ones) and human emulation.

In C++, I write portable code that compile on 3 operating systems: Windows (Visual C++), Linux (gcc and clang) and Android (clang).

In Python, I write primarily extensions to scriptable C++ applications. I have experience in Python language support embedding in C++ applications and extensions development.

I created Python extensions for IDA Pro disassembler and for many internal software written by me.

In PHP, I have websites development experience, including custom CMS development, Joomla! and Drupal development.

As any web programmer, I have some JavaScript and HTML skills.

In C#.NET, I have desktop development and some ASP.NET experience.

In Java, I have Android applications development experience. These applications are for internal company use only, so they are not present on Google Play.