Nianyi Wang

East, Beijing, China

Nianyi Wang

I'm a spare time developer born in 2001.

Well, actually my first touch with programming was at my age of 10.
I was being taught at school about the software called 'Scratch', which is developed by MIT.
It's just a simple (and weaker) version of visual programming, but I've gain so much fun from it.
It made me wanna make my own game, so I went to the local book store, and picked up a random 'brick book' from programming section. (yeah, we call'em 'brick book' in China, 'cause they're big and heavy)
I've got completely no ideas about programming back then, and I don't know what book I've picked.
All I knew is 'C++ is a programming language and it's famous'.
Well, seems like it's not easy for beginners...
The book I bought is C++ PRIMER PLUS!!!

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