Richmond, VA

Tim is a husband, father, blogger, RPG gamemaster, wargamer, homebrewer, OSS software geek, and independent thinker.

Tim won the 2011 Best of the Fans recognition by The Altdorf Correspondent for his 26 WFRP entries in the Blogging A to Z 2011 web event. He will use "Award Winning" from time-to-time to remind you of this recognition. Tim marked five years as participant of the Blogging A to Z web event, collaborating internationally with fans of Warhammer.

Tim's gaming grognard badges include managing an FLGS from 1986-1988, running TMNT:OS, Twilight:2000 (being a child of the Cold War) and writing a Twilight:2000 chargen in BASIC on a TRS-80 CoCo II, enjoying lots WFRP 1ed and WH40K:Rogue Trader in college, and refereeing a Shadowrun 1ed tournament at the Atlanta Fantasy Fair in 1990.

Tim can be found on StackExchange, lurking on RPG, homebrew, and stackoverflow, or on Untappd and GitHub. Tim also asks that your profile be complete enough that he will be able to know that you like RPGs, OSS, and homebrewing too.

Tim's gaming interests include WFRP 1e and 2e, Twilight:2000, D&D BECMI, 1e and 5e, and some others.

Tim's homebrewing experience is almost 20 years old—he doesn't subtract the 12 idle years between getting married and reigniting his passion in the hobby. He brewed Night Gaunt in 2015 for a local gaming con, uniting two hobbies. Annual batches of Night Gaunt have been brewed since.

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