In a hurry...

Italian, Web-Development Enthusiastic, love programming (expecially) in PHP, like very much javascript frameworks/libraries (jQuery in particular among them all), like CSS too.

I'd call myself a self-teaching person driven by the pleasure for discovery, always happy and willing to learn something new (I'm pretty curious)... especially when I can apply it to speed up and automate boring repetitive work tasks, both daily or even occasional ones (yeah, I'm pretty lazy also)...

Love having fun with my friends and listening to good music... always dreamt playing guitar like David Gilmour...

Don't like rude/mannerless people, cross-browser related entanglements >:-(

UPDATING: Non-Web related programming I'm passionate with

  • main interests: PHP, Python, C#.NET;
  • (very) secondary interests: C, C++, Java (my biggest gripe with Java as stated by someone else);
  • minor/occasional interests: Android SDK, Go, Perl, Ruby, Lua, ... *shell/batch scripting, AHK.

Other interests: SQL, LINQ, XML, ... Excel(+VBA)/Calc.

Other non-strictly-IT (but somewhat related) interests: practical science application (= mostly statistics or mathematics with a sprinkling of physics)

Upcoming interests: R, Julia.