Joshua Taylor

Rome, NY

I am an artificial intelligence and knowledge engineer working in cyber-security research. Dr. Selmer Bringsjord and I are developing a textbook and software package for introductory and intermediate logic (propositional, first-order, and modal logics). I'm most active in Lisp and Semantic Web related topics, with tag badges for:

  • sparql 1st gold, 1st silver, 5th bronze
  • rdf 1st gold, 1st silver, 7th bronze
  • common-lisp 2nd gold, 3rd silver, 15th bronze
  • owl 1st silver, 1st bronze
  • dbpedia 1st silver, 1st bronze
  • semantic-web 1st silver, 2nd bronze
  • jena 1st silver, 3rd bronze
  • lisp 6th silver, 43rd bronze
  • ontology 1st bronze
  • protege 1st bronze
  • sbcl 3rd bronze
  • scheme 24th bronze
  • lisp 43rd bronze
  • c 1263rd bronze
  • java 2738th bronze

Non-tag badges:

  • 515th to get the the Archaeologist badge!


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