London, United Kingdom

I'm a self-taught __age__ = 15 programmer who likes to .code() :)

Check out:

  1. My Image Editing programs made in 'python' on github :)

Keep on checking my github for updates, and maybe my site as well 😄

Ongoing Projects:

  1. Working on 3 iOS apps (2 games, one utility)
  2. English Sentence Generator (given some sentences, it generates a sensible sentence which is also grammatically correct)
  3. A program that can generate text-based games (like Hangman, Wordsearches, Crosswords etc.)
  4. A converter between Python and Java (given some Python, it converts it to Java (and vice versa))
  5. Some Python classes (to help me in general)

I know:

  1. Python (very well)
  2. Swift (well)
  3. Java (alright)
  4. Excel VBA (alright)
  5. PHP (not too advanced)
  6. SQl (not too advanced)