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Salt Lake City, UT, United States

I am a regular Clark Kent in my everyday life. I seem unaware of life around me, as I wait to get home to my raspberry pi where I am learning coding and hardware hacks D.I.Y. style.

I was in love with android but the more I learn in Linux the love for Android fades. Although I intend to root an Android device soon.

Also I love candy and I am excited about the new candy created by AI! today I flashed Kali Linux to a USB and linux mint is currently downloading so that I can run windows and linux on my PC.

I like fashionable shoes, rap music, 3D printing and internet and real life freedom based on the Constitution. Ross Albricht needs to be freed from prison and we should always remember Adam Swartz and all he did for us. Rip Adam:(

Lastly I am just setting up my website the only info on it as of today are the forth and fifth amendments to the US Constitution. I will have much more dedicated to those I admire such as Cody Wilson, Thomas Drake, and many more. Thanks to all the Crypto Anarchists for caring enough to risk it all for truth power and the future downfall of the Status Quo way of life.

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