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Jacksonville, FL

It was a "Say Something Drupal Swag Day" here. Thanks for the tee shirts and swag from both StackExchange and Pantheon!

Just Jim.

Starting in 1978, got my programming chops on PDP8 | apple][ | apple//c | Mac SE | PDP11 | VAX11 | 3B2/5/20 | UnixPC/7300 | Pyramid MI | ATT/NCR 3xxx systems using everything from assembler to C before taking an early buyout/retiring from the corporate world in 1999. Took a ~10 year hiatus and now futzing around with Drupal.

So yes, I'm "one of those guys" who remembers acoustic couplers (especially playing adventure on a silent700), coding with vi over a 1200 baud modem and being amazed with 19.2, says "I remember when memory cost (over) $1000 a megabyte!" and finds it quaint that he can still do a "find . -type f -mtime -1 -print | cpio -pdm $TODAYSINCBACKUPDIR" on his MacBook Pro 17 :)

Pompous question to the questioners: "Have you googled your question before asking it here?" Therefore, I may answer questions with links to drupal api pages, or other posts with the answer instead of answering it (yet again) directly. And, although I am trying my hardest to put these in the comments now, I will take the "links aren't an answer here..." waa waa on the chin with pride in the circumstances when I don't. In others, I feel that if a person "sees the math," they might be able to gain further insight(s) into how things work instead of just a quick answer/snippet here. Also, there will be times when I'll answer in a comment just to give the questioner the basics in hopes s/he will then take that basis and figure out the full coded answer. Call me arrogant if you want, but it's how you learn.

Regardless of any and all of the above, if you aren't enjoying what you are doing, do something else. Life is too short. That's my zen theme (how meta :)


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