Deeply interested in English & world literature, music, sports, politics, cooking, and fascinated by interpersonal skills.

Dear friends! I was born in India and have always lived here. I was educated in English from earliest childhood at good schools, but I have never been an English grammar-cruncher, preferring to learn the language by feel, usage and a GREAT DEAL OF READING, so that I developed an instinctive tuning for good syntax and grammar without ever having learnt the 'rules and regulations' of 'correct' language. In fact they don't teach them here, but only teach usage, and students are evaluated by setting them practical tasks in grammar and composition. If my comments or answers are not sufficiently scholarly, please keep that point in mind, and also remember (that) English is a VERY ELASTIC LANGUAGE!

I am also a qualified sociologist, amateur home audio enthusiast and coffee fanatic.

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