Professional expertise in the medical field. Academic interest in languages (primarily classical & ancient), mythology, folklore, music, religion, geography, geology, music, anatomy, history, medicine, archontology, paleology, writing systems, etc., etc.

Pertinents: Geopoet since childhood - The World since 1985 (see also here, here and here); also actively collaborated on Ill Bethisad between 1998 & 2012 or so. Have written a number of (unpublished) books about & from within The World; a number of religious texts (gospels, litrugies, logia); have composed several in-world poems and pieces of music; have written numerous short stories set in The World, many of which are mythological or folkloric in nature. I've also been a proponent of practical geopoesy, the practice of making artifacts of any kind as a way of expressing one's worldbuilding-oriented creative urges. To that end, have put together a rather nice collection of in-world artifacts ranging from tools to jewelry to books, musical instruments, money, clothing, etc.

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