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Perth, Western Australia.

Aeronautical engineer, MSc in Stability & Control of Aircraft. Real-time simulation of aircraft systems. And all other things Full Flight Simulator.

Worked at the factory that put the little Fokkers together. Contracted myself out for measuring and modelling flying controls for all kinds of aircraft, fixed wing and rotary, military and civil. Wrote the physics model simulation software for them, and tuned on the simulator. Found myself in the cockpit of an F-111 with one jet engine running to power the hydraulics, wondering where the handbrake was situated which I did not want to inadvertently dislodge.

Sold and supported different bits of flight simulator, then sold complete civil simulators in Asia, then set up a business running them, contracting with airlines. Still doing bits of engineering just for the fun of it.

I very much enjoy the aviation site and have reconnected with many things I had learned decades ago, some of them half forgotten. Some awesome people here, taking time to write awesome answers. Unfortunately also some people who seem to be applying for a job at United Airlines.

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