Saint Charles, IL, USA


Hi! I'm Rick Carlino, a software dev from the Chicago suburbs. I started programming professionally in 2012 and have been tinkering with computers since my first Windows 3.1 machine in the '90s.

I am a co-founder and the lead software developer at FarmBot, the world's first Open Source farming machine. I helped build the initial software prototype for early versions and now oversee most day-to-day software activities at FarmBot. This involves embedded systems development (via the Elixir Nerves Framework) as well as backend and DevOps engineering to provide infrastructure support to the many FarmBot devices operating throughout the world.

I also co-founded Fox.Build, one of the largest makerspaces in the Chicago suburbs. It's a community-led organization for engineers, artists and entrepreneurs or anyone who likes to make things.

In the past, I've worked on projects for medical payment processing, textile manufacturers, hospitality management services, non-profits, the military, and a list of consulting clients that are too numerous to name. My public work is available on my Github page and blog.

Outside of work, I enjoy long-distance running, pottery and studying the history of computing (1983-2003).

My preferred languages are Typescript, Ruby, Elixir, QBasic, Esperanto.