South Africa

DirectX 10 (MS Visual) C++ developer.

DirectX 10 Game Engine Developer. *(Created custom OBJ/X file importer for DirectX10 to import geometry, and SkinnedMeshes.)

*(Enable skeletal animation for SkinnedMeshes using bone transformations imported through custom importer)

*(Matrix interpolation implemented to smooth between skeletal animation frames)

*(Implemented dynamic lighting using HLSL (version 4), lights are only written to and active on GPU based on distance from camera (10 maximum on GPU, on CPU, buffer is limited to RAM available))

*(Created DirectX10 Framework that will automatically calculate and clip objects based on a specified distance from view, as well as automatically creating bounding boxes and using this to Draw Predicated (DirectX10 only) for occlusion clipping (if occluded by another object(s)).)

*(Automated occlusion checking using Draw Predicate.)

*(Various desktop utilities, simple desktop switching for Windows Vista/7)

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