Fèlix Galindo Allué

Taradell, Catalonia


Teacher on the upper-grade professional institutes STUCOM and Centre d'Estudis Sant Francesc at Barcelona.

Web stack developer and system administrator at Grup Stucom.

I'm also the system administrator for the Moodle site for the institute's teaching task: CESF-Moodle.

Expertise in Java, web programming (PHP5), Android development, MySQL and OracleDB database servers, and Linux system administration (including shell-scripting).

Also experience and high knowledge in: Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, OODBMS, PropelORM, Hibernate, C++ (also in conjuntion with Qt), among others.

Electronic hobbyist (PIC16/18, USB, GPS, FM, sensors and actuators), microprocessor programming (assembler and C) for embedded devices, etc...

I have a website named http://www.flx.cat where I intend to mantain a blog on technical issues, as well as personal support for teaching.

I've also written a book titled "Oracle SQL és fàcil!" (Oracle SQL is easy!)

I've teached a specific course in high level technical skills in database programming, including JDBC, Hibernate, XPath/XQuery, db4o, BaseX, etc: DB course material.

I've also developed a couple of Jekyll plugins as liquid tag extensions in Ruby: jekyll-liquid-lipsum-plugin and jekyll-liquid-latex-plugin.

And a lot more... just ask!