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Novice programmer.

I program in PHP, javascript (AJAX included, jQuery not), C#, java (for a FIRST Robotics team), and I started learning with C++ but I don't use it. I help my friend program in C for his college class. I need a reference in order to program.

My most complex completed project is a bare bone CMS in php with no CSS template (I suck at CSS). I plan to be a game developer, but the most complex game I've created is a console Conway's Game of Life. I've done Warcraft 3 modding and would have labelled myself as an expert trigger-er (GUI coding) capable of doing anything possible in the GUI coding.

I'm not very good at completing big projects so I mainly make small snippets or unfinished projects. I have a problem moving from my current programming ability to creating a game. I feel like I cannot understand or grasp how to get further. One of my problems is I cannot grasp using a class (not what a class is, but I feel like my entire program needs to be in one file with a shit ton of functions and variables).

I'm a highschooler ((grade) 11(th grade)), I'm a gamer, wannabe programmer (and/or hacker), and a huge perv.

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