Interested in the following topic and technologies:

  • Unicode
  • XML
  • Standard XML formats (e.g. DITA, XLIFF, SVG, …)
  • HTML5 as a portable UI interface platform
  • Isabelle/Isar/HOL
  • Pure Prolog
  • SML
  • Ada
  • Document authoring and management

Planning to have experiments in:

  • XML document authoring (text, not data oriented)
  • Generation of Ada and/or ISO‑C programs from Isabelle/HOL proofs
  • Program sources authoring with two‑ways traceability between sources and specifications
  • Publishing commercial applications in the Ubuntu software Centre

My active websites are:

  • www.les-ziboux.rasama.org, a French website dedicated to the Arabic language (also comes with some software and Ada topics)
  • www.lasidore.rasama.org, a tagless XML online editor, which comes with an English and French versions
  • bulleforum.net, a French general purpose forum (also comes with scientific, technical and social topics).