I've been playing in tech for most of my life. And, from my first Apple II, to my first PC, to my first DD-WRT router, to my first Android device, to my first Chromebook there's always been one problem - it aaaaallllllmost does everything I want it to do. :)

So, for most of my life I've been writing programs of some sort - even if it was just writing really fancy scripts - just to get things to work they way I think they should. And, I'm a perfectionist. So, I often dive a lot deeper into a subject or language than needed because even after it's doing what I think it should - it could be doing it better.

One of these days I'll stop following tech so closely and just be amazed by the magical things our devices can do out of the box... and then I'll die with a lot of useless information bout technology and programming frameworks that no longer exist. A little depressing actually.

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