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Sioux Falls, SD, United States

I have been working for as a software engineer since January 2019 writing microservices in .net as well as writing automation and data analysis scripts in python.

Before carsforsale I was a developer at Strider Sports International where I maintained our web servers as well as our backend code bases. I also created our education portals and international distributor inventory/forecasting/logistics portal. Along with this I also maintained and created software for internal company use which include race bracketing software, api development, vb macros, sql reports, and python dev op scripting. At my previous part time job for shore site web designs I was our lead javascript engineer and head of devops so I was writing full stack js and handled all aws admin for our SPA's, nodejs code, and dynamo db admin.

While working for Strider and Shore Site I also attended DSU for compsci part time, I stopped a few months after starting at carsforsale as I just found it easier to learn anything I wanted regarding software through opencourseware.

In my free time I make trading signal neural nets which I train with neuroevolution. For this I extended the es-hyperneat algorithm in several ways using pytorch-neat as a starting point.

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