Summerset, SD, United States

I currently work for writing middleware and data analysis code in .net core (c#).

I started programming in April of 2016 and so far I have loved every second of it, my github username is nickwilliamsnewby. At my previous full time job for Strider Sports International I maintained our web servers and do all of our backend web development. I also created our education portals and international distributor inventory/forecasting/logistics portal. Along with this I also maintained and created software for internal company use which include race bracketing software, api development, vb macros, sql reports, and python dev op scripting. At my previous part time job for shore site web designs I was our lead javascript engineer and head of devops so I write full stack js and handle all aws admin for our SPA's, nodejs code, and dynamo db admin.

I am also a student at Dakota State University majoring in Computer Science Currently enrolled part time in Trigonometry and Artificial Intelligence (fall 2018)

Outside of school and work I passionately develop cryptocurrency trading algorithms that implement machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithms as a means to achieve profitability. Most recently I became started working on repos that have neat, hyperneat, or eshyperneat (neuroevolution of ANN's) implementations, and I have reason to believe that my n-dimensional-tree branch found here: is possibly the sole open source implementation that supports any number n >= 2 dimensional substrate (I have only found implementations with support for psuedo 3d substrates that still queries 2d spaces), and my cryptocurrency trainer/trader surely being the only crypto trading algo that implements a 3d fully evolving substrate using a cppn to query a 6 dimensional hypercube for weights, number of hidden nodes, and structure.

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