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Portland, OR, United States

Born in a little log apartment building on the Fenway in Boston, Massachusetts. Worked as a FCC First Class Radiotelephone licensed broadcast engineer at WILD, an AM radio station in the early 1960's. Enlisting in the US Navy in 1965 and got to see the world. Also held an FCC 2nd Class Radiotelegraph license. Graduated from Northeastern University in 1972 with a BSEE. Worked in the computer systems engineering field for the next several decades, primarily as a Field Engineer and later as a Manager. In these roles I got to see the rest of the world that I missed while in the Navy. In addition to a career "working for other people", In 1990 I started my own IT Consulting Company which is primarily focused on designing and building enterprise class proactive NOCs. I am still in business although I rarely take on new projects anymore. However I would not be inclined to snub my nose at leading one last multi-million dollar project initiative.

First exposure to *NIX was compiling it on a DEC PDP-11. Since then I have worked with *NIX on a nearly daily basis. Slackware, Red Hat, SuSe and others long before Linux became commercially viable. Also was project manager for the DEC VAX/VMS system (Starlet) during it's design, alpha and beta test phases. I worked with early Apollo Aegis, SunOS, HPUX, IBM AIX and other CAD/CAM systems as a Field and Systems Engineer.

Also an avid Biker (motorcycles). First cross country trip to Sturis was in 1963 on my '51 Panhead Hydraglide. Ham Radio Amateur Extra WB1CDN. Also an amateur photographer who's been shooting in full manual since the early 1970's. Current walking around rig is a Nikon D810 and 30 year old Nikkor f/1.2 manual focus nifty fifty lens.

Currently mostly retired after a 50 year career in electronics and living off my stock options from past startups that succeeded.

Easyrider @ IRC #Ubuntu

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