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My favorites are:

  • Primes and Riemann's $\zeta$ function
  • Graph Theory
  • Symmetric Function or Polynomials

and I believe that Riemann's Hypothesis is true...

Questions waiting for your answer: $\phantom{If math isn't displayed correctly, go here...}$

  • Problem with an algorithm to $3$-colour the edges of cubic graphs
  • Why are minima of $(k \bmod 4)$-Prime $\zeta$ functions $|P_x(r,t)|$ more frequent for $\frac\pi2\leq t \leq \pi$?

Old Stuff:

Chuck Norris solved the Travelling Salesman problem in $O(1)$ time.

Jarrell: I thought you said to stay on the path!
Old Man: Yes, but you must know when to break the rules!

Mathematics (SE) should be the most comprehensive, most visited, and most valuable mathematics resource on the web. I don't see a reason to shoot for anything less. [Amen]

From Area51:

  • Mental Fitness
  • Biohacking
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