Miskolc, Hungary

Hi, I'm from Hungary! I'm an electrical engineer (Bsc) student at the moment, but I had finished a few other schools already (as a CNC programmer, as a Java software developer - London UK, as a C# Software Developer - Budapest Hungary). I had a lots of other jobs before (from a waiter to system administrator), but now I work as a software developer for a German multinational company in Hungary for 2 years now. I work here as a software developer at the logistics department. I have to develop web applications (full stack WebForms) and desktop (WinForms, WPF) applications. I'm mostly using Visual Studio 2015 and SSMS 2014. I have to maintain a virtual Windows Server 2012 R2 and the SQL database on it. I have to upload SAP (txt) exports to the database via my automatic jobs, and connect to SAP via web-services to create/confirm/cancel transfer orders. I develop in C#, .Net, but I have basic knowledge of SQL, LINQ, CSS, Javascript, Java.