Aleksey Potapov

Bratislava, Slovakia

Starting in 2012, iOS development became for me something like a hobby. Years come, on summer 2013 I started my career at Mobindustry Corp. making fitness application, festival app, business catalog and of course, social network.

Thank to my home university's program I had a chance to attend summer school at Koblenz-Landau University, this opportunity influenced on my mind and I decided to move somewhere, where I could continue develop myself as a person.

And, here I am in Bratislava.

Here I started master degree at STU FEI. While studying I gained a lot of system programming, OpenGL, some Android stuff, Java in general and experience working with Big Data.

Then I continued my career as iOS developer at ThirtySeventy Digital. And for 2.5 years I was part of the team developing IoT solution for Electrolux.

From august 2017 I started to work at Sygic

As a person, I love helping people, always learning something new.