Omar Boshra


I code Independently .Motivation is my weapon of choice.

Fundamental philosophies:-

1] methodology is the most important aspect of effective programming.So I like to program the methodology as well as code.

2] Finding the problem and dealing with it are two different things .Knowing the problem at core and knowing the tools at hand is a programmer's paradise .Knowing is power.Solution planning for a problem lessens the time it takes to find a problem.

3] The best software is as simple as a toy but lets the user make it as complicated as life itself.

4] Thinking about code is different than contemplating about the thoughts themselves both need to be done for wise decision making.

5] My Life's process plan:-(I used to be a mechanical engineer student)

boolean Iamalive=true;

6] The core of creativity is problem solving.Every creative action solves a problem even if its making funny noises.Creativity makes us closer to God .It aligns us with life's natural systems.

7] The most important programming is that of the mind if its messed up no app will solve it. beliefs are more important than lines of code .They are either problem solving beliefs or run us into compile errors for the rest of our lives .We build apps to make our lives easier why not find the optimal mind program (philosophy) to make our lives easier?.

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