Menai Ala Eddine - Aladdin

Batna, Wilaya de Batna, Algérie

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Design Systems enthusiast, obsessive User Interface Engineer, and Reactish Developer with a vision to bridge the gap between traditional boundaries of development and design.

I started programming 7 years ago with Java and Javascript which leads me to commit revolutionizing the #Front-end Development and share my thoughts about this domain and help newcomers acquire techniques and tips through valuable content.

A solo delivery who built a CRM application and sold +10 copies for medium companies.

An addictive reader with more than 150 books in my pocket about Business, Startups, Design, and Programming. #YDJS, #ATOMICDESIGN, #LEANUX, #LEANSTARTUP are my favorites.

I'm passionate about Design Systems, UI interactions, Javascript Application Design, and Javascript Ecosystem.

My definite aim to work for millennial founders and help them beat their competitors by designing and developing cutting-edge design systems for their innovative visions and ideas.