Ali Iftikhar

London, United Kingdom

• Full stack .net web developer with over 6 years of experience

• Current development with C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, MVC, WebAPI, Azure, JavaScript, jQuery, Kendo, Scrum, Ninject, nUnit, Entity Framework, Moq, TDD, Specflow, TFS, Dapper, AJAX

• Creator of

• Distinction in MSc IT from East London University

• Good understanding of: Object Oriented Programming, how web/http works, Design Patterns, SOLID Principles, Clean code, Web performance, Web security

• Have built 4 commercial web applications from green field/idea all the way up to the launch

• Good experience with working on legacy code.

• Extremely self motivated and fast learner

• Creative mind, with lots of ideas, and always with a solution

• Spend 2+ hours daily on personal development (read books, articles, listen to podcasts, Pluralsight, go to user groups, work on lab projects etc)

• Maintain 'I do not know' list

• Career Goal: Software Architect