Entrepreneur, Architect, Geek. Been a software developer for over 25 years now, both for fun and professionally.

For fun:

  • Worked on hundreds of projects including 3D rendering, compression technology, machine translation, speech to text alignment, multi-agent systems, NLP, web crawlers, search engines, etc.
  • Participated in multiple country-wide programming competitions, usually ended up in the top 10 somewhere;
  • Extensive knowledge of over 10 programming languages, including C++, C# and Java;
  • Been operator in #c++, covering both software design and in-depth questions about the C++ standard;
  • Interested in alternative management styles, complex software puzzles, how complex stuff like machine translation, high performance and search technology works (or could work)


  • Started my own company in 2012, building high-quality, professional software components.
  • Been Lead architect/CTO at Teezir, a high-tech search company that delivers SAAS in a B2B setting;
  • Worked for a lot of leading companies on dozens of high-tech projects in different roles (usually leading when it comes to technology);
  • Extensive management skills in the IT industry;
  • Have a masters degree in computer science (information retrieval), also did a couple of years of psychology, just for fun.

Oh and I'm definitely not the guy you want for user interfaces.

If you'd like to contact me, my e-mail address is info-at-sdebruijn-dot-nl.


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