New York

Chemist turned biochemist turned software engineer.

  • First language: PDP-11 assembly
  • Favorite language: C++14 (with boost), although I use C++ onesie (1z) when I can
  • Career:
    • 1996: scientific software (phys. chemistry)
    • 2000: OS development (hard real-time/military)
    • 2002: scientific research (biochem)
    • 2005: real-time C++ (transportation/city infrastructure)
    • 2012: large scale C++ (finance)

I wrote an x86 asm book (in Russian) and also published a few scientific articles. I spend all my free time helping with

Biggest peeve: people who claim to teach C++ but instead propagate nonsense like

  • while(!stream.eof()) / while(stream.good())
  • void main()
  • "arrays are pointers" (or, even worse, "const pointers")
  • Google C++ Style Guide (see my linkedin post for details)
  • The FQA
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