Christoph Mühlmann

Freising, Germany

I'm a research assistant at the Research Institute for Horticulture Weihenstephan, Germany, focusing on horticultural computer science. Different applications for horticultural businesses are created by a team of 3-4 developers. Most of us have a horticultural background combined with good computer-science skills.

My computer-science background

  • Coding with: C#/VB.Net (Windows, Windows CE), PHP (Webapps), Java (Android, platform-independent, Webapps).
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite.
  • OS'es: Debian GNU/Linux (for ~15 years), Windows - if it's not preventable ;-)

My horticultural background

  • I'm a gardener. I learned vegetable production at a 55ha organic farm over two years (work + school). After that training, I continued to work there for some time.
  • Later, I studied horticultural sciences, which resulted in an diploma given by an university of applied sciences.
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