South Carolina

You should take JSLint's advice. ;^)

You're also welcome to take any code snippet I've sole-source posted on and consider it to be dual-licensed under the MIT license as found at that URL on May 28, 2015 for you, and as a rights reserved copyrighted source when I use it in other projects.

For those snippets, if you want to attribute, that's great. Just know that you're using them at your own risk.

I'm now going to plug...

  • My favorite [personal] project, though [hopefully] far from my best code, SQLDbSharp, a YesSQL database engine pitifully kludged together using C#,
  • My fave Skeet comment.
  • My quixotic quest to create a great mail client, MailMobius,
  • How to jslint on localhost,
  • And my Twitter handle, because everyone else is doing it: @r_ffin.
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