Brian Lami

Higbee, MO, United States

I am an amateur programmer, and YouTube content creator. I have been conceptualizing a game for over 20 years, and am finally starting working on it. I trained in C++ in college. I was working on a BS in Computer Science with a focus on Programming. I trained mostly in MFC and C++ for DOS and Windows. I was almost done with my degree, Only lacking 6 courses including OS's and an advanced math class, when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I am currently self-employed with an annual income of zilch. I am currently working on a series of video games that utilize the same world environment. The games will range from a city-builder to a first-person-MMO.

I am also a blacksmith working on opening a shop, and a carpenter working on building spinning and weaving equipment, and a tailor working on making my own line of clothing from scratch.

I'm also a raving lunatic working on starting my own religion.

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