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Ontario, Canada

I love tech. It doesn't have to be shiny, new tech with an arguably useful amount of bells and whistles; it just has to be interesting (or challenging in some way).

I'm not what they call an 'Apple Fan-girl', I just happen to have a lot of experience with Apple products from over the last 10 years, both personal and job-related. That being said, I do own a few Apple products including a 2015 MacBook, 2010 MacBook Pro, and an iPhone 6 Plus. Can you knock me for liking products that just work when you need them to?!

I'm a night owl that suffers from undiagnosed - other than self-diagnosed - insomnia. I see you lurking there with your question about merging user accounts at 3:43AM, and I got'chyou!

Flaws: Sometimes I use way too many words where many less would suffice. Sometimes I over-think things when the answer is simple. I can get caught up on details; oh the fate of a perfectionist!

Strengths: I can think outside the box. It takes a lot to offend me as I rarely take things personally. My problem solving skills are pretty fly. I have a good hold on this whole logic/common sense thing. I'm awesome.