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I am an application engineer with a German Diplom (university degree) in computer science*) working in international projects as technical lead, developing web and Windows applications as well as web and Windows services for the .NET Framework based on Microsoft technology.

My main development platform is Visual Studio with TFS, Azure DevOps or Git, and I am working with C#, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, LINQ, EF etc. I am also interested in efficient algorithms of all kinds, cryptography, multithreading, tips & tricks ...

I am a Full-stack developer (C# and whatever front-end library or framework they want me to learn/support!) for both "on-prem" and Azure applications.

In my opinion, StackOverflow is a great platform to exchange knowledge like this - I found many tips there, which is why I am always motivated to give back information by answering questions where I can.

*) Note: According to wikipedia, the German Diplom is comparable with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in one (see

Some hints and tips around SO:

  • Use, click on "Advanced..." to show options
  • Search within your favorites: Enter infavorites:mine search_expr
  • Search within your posts related to a tag. For example: user:mine [C#] finds all you have posted that is related to C#.
  • Run SQL queries against stack overflow posts: check this out to download an archive and SQL for SO to run SQL queries against current stack exchange sites
  • Use keyboard tags, e.g. <kbd>Alt</kbd> appears as Alt
  • If necessary, add line breaks with <br/> *)
  • Syntax highlighting in your posts - Use a tag like:
    <!-- language-all: lang-cs -->
    For all tags, see: this link and that link (meta)
  • Version tags: Use them to mark pre-C#6: <!-- if version [lt 6.0] -->
  • To add runnable CSS/HTML/JavaScript code, use the code sample icon {} when editing your question rather than providing a JsFiddle link (but JsFiddle is good for testing).
    If you want to add runnable .NET code (C#, F# or VB.NET), you can create it in DotNetFiddle and add a link. For screenshots use the free tool
  • Hide answers: use >!, like so (point with the mouse):
    What is the answer to the ultimate question?

    The answer is 42.

*) use <sup>/<sub> for superscript/subscript


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