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Taipei City, Taiwan

Cris C.A.S. Stringfellow

Chairman, CEO and Founder of The Dosaygo Corporation

Places I’ve Worked

I’ve consulted for OB1 Company are building a permissionless bitcoin marketplace built atop the blockchain and IPFS. You can see my contributions for them at this github account. I enjoyed it but ultimately I couldn’t contribute more because of IP conflicts with an existing project. Plus the timezone difference. 6am meetings are pretty much too early, for USD 6667 a month.

I worked in Ireland under the Startup Entrepreneur Programme prototyping work for what would become Project Ant with my company, Dosaygo.

I consulted in web development for HKD 60,000 a month in Hong Kong, building e-commerce websites on a big platform for bankers hobby projects that ultimately morphed into other things.

I worked as a research assistant at the National Academy of Sciences in Taiwan, and some of the things I built included lots of graph visualization, code and images of which you can see here.

I once turned down an USD 12,000 a month contract building disease monitoring apps in Africa with an NGO because I was overbooked.

A long time ago I worked in technical support for a very large support services supplier.

What I’m doing now.

I’m starting my tiny company, and launching a handful of products. I’m also available for some consulting gigs. Let me know what you’re looking for.

A slightly expanded online version of this CV is at

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