What female mathematician can I introduce to my High School students?

I enjoy talking about Pythagoras when I teach the Pythagorean theorem. I sometimes mention Descartes when introducing Cartesian coordinates. And Leibniz and Newton are mentioned in many calculus ...

Help!! How to do square root!

Hi guys, for my class I need to make a number square root but it doesnt work !!HELLPP! Note: This is code trolling. Give a "useful" answer to guide this new programmer on his/her way to ...

asked 11 hours ago

How does Lua work as a scripting language in games?

I'm a little hazy on what exactly Lua is and how a game that is programmed in C++ would use it. I'm asking primarily about how it is compiled and run. For instance when you use a program written in …

asked 8 hours ago

Errors in the CV template by Scott Clark

I downloaded a CV Template. It got succesfully compiled in ShareLaTeX and WriteLaTeX. But In my TeXLive Distribution, I am getting errors. Here is the code: % (c) 2002 Matthew Boedicker ...

asked 4 hours ago

Is $\sum_{n=1}^\infty {1\over 3^{\sqrt{n}}}$ convergent?

Is $\sum_{n=1}^\infty {1\over 3^{\sqrt{n}}}$ convergent ? I use it to compare with $1/n^2$, and then I used LHôpitals rule multiple times. Finally , I can solve it. However,I think we have other …

Why didn't Dumbledore say at the trial that he'd given Harry permission?

We know from the conversation in the beginning of Half-Blood Prince that the headmaster could allow students to do magic outside Hogwarts. ‘Keep your wand at the ready, Harry,’ he [Dumbledore] …

If there are obvious things, why should we prove them?

Obviously, there are obvious things in mathematics. Why we should prove them? Prove that $\lim\limits_{n\to\infty}\dfrac{1}{n}=0$? Prove that $f(x)=x$ is continuous on $\mathbb{R}$? $\dotsc$ Just …

asked 2 days ago

Is there a word to describe the state of being the only one of something?

I need a word to describe the state of being the only one of something. For context, it's for the UI of a scientific device that detects and analyzes cells. In this particular case, we are talking ...

asked 12 hours ago

SED : Case Match Pattern Replacement

I have a source code spread across several files. It has a pattern abcdef which I need to replace with pqrstuvxyz. The pattern could be Abcdef (Sentence Case) then it needs to be replaced with ...

asked 15 hours ago

Opening Folder Options window in Windows from the command prompt

If I need to open the Control Panel through the command prompt, it is enough to type control I need to open the Folder Options window through typing some command through the command prompt. Any …

Compiling problem

I have had the problem of compiling my document with the following table in it: \begin{table}[!h] \centering\small \caption{Thickness measurements on the two tubes.} \label{tab:Thickness_measurement} …

asked 2 hours ago

Short Java FizzBuzz using recursion and parameters

public void fizzbuzz(int count, int max, String fizzer) { fizzer += (count % 3 == 0) ? "fizz":""; fizzer += (count % 5 == 0) ? "buzz":""; fizzer += (count % 3 != 0 && count % 5 != …

asked 9 hours ago

Values $nx - [nx]$ are distinc for an irrational number

When reading the proof for Dirichlet's Approximation Theorem, I came across the following statement: If $x$ is irrational, then $nx - [nx]$ are distinct for all $n \in \mathbb{Z}$. I don't ...

asked 5 hours ago

Which is better button, with Icon befor or after the text?

Regarding the buttons text and icon, which is better icon befor or after the text! and which one is catching his eyes faster?

asked 2 hours ago

Limp and Hobble

I have a problem with the word "limp" and "hobble". I do not know which word is appropriately used when it comes to context because I do not know how the words differ from each other. Can we use them …

asked 7 hours ago

How to explain Heartbleed without technical terms?

Most of my friends who are not experienced in computers want to know what Heartbleed is and how it works. How would one explain Heartbleed to someone without a technical background?

asked Apr 10 at 5:21

Continuity and simplification of a function

I have a question to ask about a function. Suppose a function $$f(x) = \frac{x^2 - x}{ x - 1},$$ we can simplify this function to be $f(x) = x$. Yet, we say that this function is discontinuous at $x …

asked 2 hours ago

Am I morally obligated to pursue a career in medicine?

I am a high school student who has no formal training in philosophy, so I apologize if this question seems naïve. However, it is one that I am currently facing in a life decision, and I would like a …

asked 2 days ago

Dash in Environment Name

I'm trying to make a verbatim environment called "my-environ" \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fancyvrb} \DefineVerbatimEnvironment{myenviron}{Verbatim}{numbers=left,frame=lines,label=My ...

asked 15 hours ago

Make a directory for each row within the given text file?

I'm trying to write a bash shell script that will read the data from a given (as an argument) file, and for each row in the file, make a sub-directory under the given (as an argument) directory. The …

asked 6 hours ago

What to do when a player dislikes his character, that is vital for the story?

One of the PCs (a greedy, quirky dwarf fighter) in the game I am hosting recently died, and his player chose to join the group as a new character, a human paladin. After two sessions the player is not …

asked yesterday

Are the higher homotopy groups of the Hawaiian earring trivial?

The fundamental group of the Hawaiian earring is very complicated, but since it's "1-dimensional" one might guess that the higher homotopy groups vanish. Do they? Since the Hawaiian earring does not …

Ubuntu won't allow to use “/” symbol

I'm trying to rename directory and I need to use "/" symbol but ubuntu won't allow it. Is where any way to "cheat" ubuntu into allowing me to use it?

asked 16 hours ago

Why aren't logarithms introduced earlier?

I've always been puzzled by the unequal treatments of square roots and logarithms in school mathematics. In the United States, most students know what a square root is before they enter high school …

asked 11 hours ago

Birds sitting on electric wires: potential difference between their feet

We have seen birds sitting on electric wires without getting harmed, because sitting on only one wire doesn't complete any circuit. But what about the potential difference between their legs? Is ...

asked yesterday

Probability of Parking Spot Being Empty

A parking spot is unoccupied 1/3 of the time... But, you find it empty for nine consecutive days in a row. Find the probability that it will be empty on the tenth day. Read more: ...

asked 1 hour ago

What is a “Detoation?”

In the dungeon Pharos Sirius, some area blasts are called "Aetherial Detoation". What is a detoation? A typo/bug? Something from Final Fantasy lore?

asked 7 hours ago

Why does nslookup return two or more ip address for yahoo.com or microsoft.com?

I am newbie with dns What is the exact reason that some sites report two or more ip address while others report single ip? 1) Is it feature or error in configuration? 2) Is it something related to …

asked 4 hours ago

How do I teach algebra?

I find that soon I'll be working with high school students that are struggling with math. In particular, we'll be talking a lot about algebra and some basic trigonometry. The latter I have experience …

asked 6 hours ago

Non-literal applications of “Shortest Path” algorithm?

It's obvious that it's used in stuff like Google Maps, but what are some more metaphorical applications where you're minimizing the path between nodes (which can represent anything)

asked 8 hours ago
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