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Simplify a filter clause with many predicates that depend on context

I am new to Clojure and am still trying to wrap my head around doing things the "Clojure way". One function that I'm currently writing requires me to filter a collection (pile) with several ...

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Need the first 10 multiples of any number in Clojure

We given a task to print the first 10 multiples of any number for which we had written below code. It is throwing an error. In simple words if n is 2 then we need 2 table till 10. (defn multiples [n] ...

3 answers | 18 hours ago by Ashish Jindal on Stack Overflow
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How to properly setup shadow-cljs for hot reload?

I've been trying to get shadow-cljs hot reload to work but I haven't been able to, I've tried multiple settings in my project.clj file but none have worked. This is what my project.clj looks like: ...

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Filtering a list in dependence of that list in clojure

Suppose you have the following code to get all primes until a parameter: (defn my-filt [x z] (or (not= 0 (mod z x)) (= z x))) (defn my-filter [y x] (filter (partial my-filt x) y)) (defn ...

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Import dependency “” to REPL in Clojure failed: File not found

I'm new to Clojure, trying to debug my program with the function trace. I tried this in REPL: (require '[ :as trace]) But it throws an exception: Execution error (...

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DSL in Clojure that replaces an object-oriented software solution?

I was wondering wether anyone knew of a concrete example of a DSL in Clojure which replaces the abstraction and readability of a good OO program (written in, say , Java). I've been trying to take an ...

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CLOJURE: How to find date-diff in days and also optimized way of doing nested loop in Clojure

I am a newbie to Clojure and trying to do some simple validation to verify courses completed by a students are having gap in days, if so then how many days. Wanted to iterate over the courses and find ...

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Split 100% in a given number of columns width random width

i want to split 100% in a given number of columns. but the width of the columns should be random. here is my first try. but it's static to 5 columns. any ideas to make it dynamic? (defn create-columns ...

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Function for the maximum index of vector in clojure

Hi I'd like to ask how to get the maximum value of index from Vector in clojure? (def dummyvector [190 260 300 310 250]) I have dummyvector here, index 0 = 190, 1 = 260 ... I know the maximum is ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by Adrian Imanuel on Stack Overflow
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How to save the file in the server?

I'm receiving the following request in the server that I'm extracting using (-> req :params): ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by zendevil on Stack Overflow
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How to write an Clojure macro to get var's value?

user=> (def v-1 "this is v1") user=> (def v-2 "this is v2") user=> (defmacro m [v] (symbol (str "v-" v))) user=> (m 1) "this is v1" user=> (m 2) ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by jamesqiu on Stack Overflow
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When to use a Var instead of a function?

I am going through the book Web Development with Clojure and it tells me to pass the handler (defined bellow) as a Var object instead of as the function itself, since the function can then change ...

3 answers | 2 days ago by Maurex on Stack Overflow
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idiomatic path for leiningen test data

By convention, where is data accompanying test typically stored in Leiningen projects? Some possibilities include: <project_name>/test/<project_name>/data/, ...

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Alternate version of swap! also returning swapped out value

I talked about this a bit on IRC's #clojure channel today but would like to go more in detail here. Basically, in order to better understand atoms, swap!, deref and Clojure concurrency as a whole, ...

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Clojure Running Multiple Threads with Functions with zero or one input

I'm experimenting in Clojure with running independent threads and I'm getting different behaviors I don't understand. For my code editor I'm using Atom (not emacs), REPL is Chlorine. I'm testing a ...

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Size of uploaded video is 0 on the server, even though the video has a size

I have the following re-frame event handlers with which I’m trying to upload a video to the server: (reg-event-fx :upload-shot-video-server (fn [coeffects [_ blob]] (let [body (js/FormData.)] ...

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Read project name and version from Leiningen project.clj file

How can I query the project group, name and version from a Leiningen project.clj file using only lein and simple command line utilities without modifying the project file? I could not find anything ...

4 answers | Jan 23 at 0:11 by erdos on Stack Overflow
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Clojure java class casting

Is it possible to cast in clojure with java style? This is java code which I want to implement in clojure: public class JavaSoundRecorder { // the line from which audio data is captured ...

1 answers | Jan 22 at 21:43 by ilya.stmn on Stack Overflow
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How to generate JWT exp claim with java-time?

Most examples for JWT token use clj-time which is now deprecated in favor of native java.time. I'm trying to use java-time along with buddy to sign/verify tokens but I'm stuck trying to pass the exp ...

1 answers | Jan 22 at 19:22 by stigma on Stack Overflow
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In Lisp (Clojure, Emacs Lisp), what is the difference between list and quote?

From reading introductory material on Lisp, I now consider the following to be identical: (list 1 2 3) '(1 2 3) However, judging from problems I face when using the quoted form in both Clojure and ...

4 answers | Jan 22 at 15:02 by neo on Stack Overflow
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How to correctly send a video to the server?

I am uploading a video to the server like so: (reg-event-fx :upload-shot-video (fn [coeffects _] (prn "uploading video") (let [video {:uri (-> coeffects :db :shot-video-uri)} ...

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Can I reference a macro from within a macro in Clojure?

Clojure. Cursive. REPL. Windows 10. All up-to-date. Here's my 'base' macro: (defmacro PutProp! [Sym Val PName] `(reset-meta! (var ~Sym) (assoc (meta (var ~Sym)) ~PName ~Val))) I have no idea if ...

2 answers | Jan 22 at 0:25 by LionelGoulet on Stack Overflow
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Clojure: how to make a leiningen build reproducible?

Introduction As stated on, it's a best-practice to be able to produce a build which can be re-created when given equal source code by anyone on any machine/os, at any time. How ...

2 answers | Jan 21 at 21:53 by Bran van der Meer on Stack Overflow
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Equality of vectors in clojure

I was trying to solve this problem and I realized that this statement gave output as false. (= (#(into [] (distinct %)) [1 2 3]) '(1 1 2 2 3 3)) It is ...

2 answers | Jan 21 at 21:06 by Natsu on Stack Overflow
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How to pretty print a Clojure data structure in HTML?

How to make the following code generate a similar visualization to pprint in HTML? (let [clj-structure {:ui {:selected #{[:A 3]}} ...

1 answers | Jan 21 at 19:48 by Jp_ on Stack Overflow
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Getting Execution error (StackOverflowError) when evaluating a function on larger range of values

I'm learning Clojure and solving exercises from SICP book in the process. I get this error when evaluating (search-for-primes 1001 10000) but when called on smaller values (search-for-primes 101 1000) ...

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core.async go block with outside bound symbols works but does not macroexpand

for the past few weeks I’ve been working with “core.async” in Clojure and Clojurescript, wondering if it is a good idea to use outside bound symbols inside a go as there is a pool of threads and ...

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More idiomatic pattern in clojure than using instance? to dispatch on type

I have the following pattern that I am trying to implement: I have an AST and 2 Generators, one for C# and one for VB. A generator takes the provided AST as input and generates source code in the ...

2 answers | Jan 20 at 12:12 by Rouan van Dalen on Stack Overflow
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Combine functions for same collection

I just start learning Clojure, and I get used in other functional language create some pipelines with functions like val result = filter(something) map(something) reduce(...

2 answers | Jan 18 at 11:03 by paul on Stack Overflow
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Clojure: How do you apply a function to values at a specific nesting level?

I'm a beginner at Clojure so I'll do my best to phrase this as well as I can, I have a function that returns a list of nested lists after parsing a dataset of daily temperatures, each nested list ...

4 answers | Jan 18 at 8:08 by Ben Webb on Stack Overflow
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