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How can i fix the 'System.IO.IOException: 'The process cannot access the file'

i want to know how i can delete file without the System.IO.IOException it keeps saying that "System.IO.IOException: 'The process cannot access the file 'C:\A1\AccNum.txt' because it is being used by ...

2 answers | 3 mins ago by Da Weon Kang on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Use of unassigned local variable in an if statement

So I'm trying to start coding again(done a year in college before and thinking of going back but need to get back into swing of things. Doing this simple console application and getting this error. ...

2 answers | 4 mins ago by Bart Bartowski on Stack Overflow
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Issues using NetworkServer.Spawn with Unity and Mirror-Networking

I am using Mirror to handle the networking aspect When I spawn an object on the network, I Instantiate it on the server and then use NetworkServer.Spawn to notify all clients to spawn the object. ...

4 answers

The tests are not shown in specflow + nunit3 with Visual Studio 2017

I'm starting with BDD and spec-flow in C# and Visual Studio. I was following a tutorial at to set up a project but I cannot be shown the tests in ...

1 answer

How to Sort a String in c#

how can I sort characters within a string alphabetically? I know this: sorted = String.Concat(sorted.OrderBy(c => c)); but that would sort "bABa" like this: "ABab" what I want is "AaBb"

1 answers | 6 mins ago by LaPeSi on Stack Overflow
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C# Unity Найти пустые элементы в List и удалить их

Есть List, в котором изначально хранится множество ссылок на объекты в юнити. В процессе выполнения кода, какие-то из объектов перестают существовать, в связи с чем в List`е появляются пустые ссылки, ...

1 answer

RegisterSingleton issue in Prism 7.2

I have a class defined as follows (UPDATED): internal class SharedData : ISharedData { public List<Gas> AllGases { get; set; } public List<Cylinder> AllCylinders { get; set; ...

1 answers | 7 mins ago by chuckp on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Keeping track of which buttons are selected in MVVM?

I have dynamically generated buttons that are created based on a model I am creating in the VM. Each time i instantiate an instance of the model, it'll create a designated button for it and this ...

1 answers | 8 mins ago by uaswpf on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Randomizing numbers in C#

I'm doing a number guessing game in C#, the code is supposed to randomize numbers between 10-20 depending on the chosen index (see picture 1) Random rnd = new Random(); randomNumber= rnd.Next(0, ...

1 answers | 10 mins ago by Wiktoria Nordqvist on Stack Overflow
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No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

I am trying to run a local webservice with my website (it was for an old school project I am trying to set up again) the web services used to work a few days ago but suddenly I am getting this error I ...

1 answer

How do I fix this Minecraft type game bug?

I'm making a building game similar to minecraft, except you can place other types of objects as well. I am right now building the functionality of placing cubes. I'm using unity. here's my code. ...

6 answers

Post “Hello World” to twitter from .NET application

My client would like me to use .NET to post to Twitter, and suggests that I use C#. Q: How do I post "Hello World" to twitter using C#? This post mentions a library called twitterizer. Isn't there ...

6 answers | 14 mins ago by Phillip Senn on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Why it's taking almost 20-30 seconds to change the quality value of the Project Settings… > Quality using script?

On a Canvas I have a script attached SettingsMenu : The script that attached to the Canvas : using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.Audio; ...

2 answers

Replacing numbers into specific string

I'm supposed to generate random numebers and then giveout the numbers but with different name. I managed to create random numbers, but I stuck at the giving the right output: My code: static ...

2 answers | 17 mins ago by Kil Gore on Stack Overflow
0 answers

OpenTK - shadow map not working correctly

Struggling to find what calculations I did wrong but no luck. I'm using here directional shadow map, sub project called MazeGen3D. See pic for more details (there is no shadow on the ground).

0 answers

Por que Visual studio no encuentra mi servidor?

Estoy desarrollando un proyecto pero al querer probarlo no encuentra mi servidor local. Cuando le doy a iniciar proyecto me da el siguiente mensaje: namespace CapaDatos { public class CD_Conexion ...

0 answers

Google People API / Hide Contacts

How to hide contact using Google People API? We are looking for hiding Contact using Google People API. Is there a request handling this functionality?

0 answers

What is the best practice for creating dbcontext (EF core) if the parent object is a singleton?

I use Virtual Assistant. I am going to use Entity Framework Core for saving state. I met a problem. IStorage interface injects like a singleton because other objects which use this interface injects ...

2 answers

Sending an event from a thread to a UI

Apologies as I know cross-thread operations have been addressed elsewhere, but all I see are fragments and can't quite figure out where to apply the solutions correctly. So I have distilled this ...

2 answers | 28 mins ago by kmccarty on Stack Overflow
1 answer

C# LINQ Find List Inside Another List, Better way to code this than a foreach loop

I have two lists. npcData and eventData. There must be a better way to do this than in a foreach loop. foreach (Npc npc in npcData) { if ( { ...

1 answers | 29 mins ago by Shawn V on Stack Overflow
17 answers

Regex for numbers only

I haven't used regular expressions at all, so I'm having difficulty troubleshooting. I want the regex to match only when the contained string is all numbers; but with the two examples below it is ...

17 answers | 32 mins ago by Timothy Carter on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Extract a JSON property using LINQ

I have a json object as the following: { "search-results": { "results-count": "2" "entry": [ { "id": "0", "count": "10", ...

0 answers

Represent significant integers of two arrays into one

Am trying to represent two arrays integer members summation into one as the below example: int[] array1 = {1,0} int[] array2 = {5} int[] result = {1,5} or {2,4} + {3,6} = {6,0} ...

1 answer

how to trap user inputs C#

I've been learning c# by myself for weeks. things are new to me as i am not familiar with the syntax and techniques on how to write an efficient program. today i wonder how a good programmer deal ...

0 answers

Unable to get information about command ran in bash using Process class in C#

I have ASP.NET core MVC application deployed in azure app service on linux. And when I try to run /bin/bash and execute some scripts like: dotnet run test.dll or javac and when I try to get ...

0 answers

Admob is not showing ads anymore

Before this is marked as duplicate, I have already checked other posts, and none of them helped. My ads were showing just fine at first but they are not showing anymore. What are the possible ...

2 answers

Windows Forms Data Grid Row Display Problem

I am using windows forms and while I was doing something, I noticed that my datagridview isnt working correctly. Here is my code: private void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { ...

2 answers | 42 mins ago by LaPeSi on Stack Overflow
5 answers

Disable Property of Azure Functions not working in Visual Studio 2017

I have Azure function with timer trigger. public static void Run([TimerTrigger("0 */15 * * * *"), Disable("True")]TimerInfo myTimer, TraceWriter log) Here the Disable("true") is not working. it ...

0 answers

WPF: Correct approach for UserControl inheritance/abstraction

I implemented a file input mask as a user control that I want to re-use in my WPF application in two different contexts. While the view (in the two cases) is actually pretty much the same, the ...

46 mins ago by fabs on Stack Overflow
1 answer

In C# how to lock execution of method when another method executes, without self lock?

Hello I have two methods which work on the same data. Method 1 loads/reloads data in memory from file and it is called very rarely (only when files are updated). Method 2 gets data from memory and it ...

1 answers | 49 mins ago by ihmgsm on Stack Overflow
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