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Remove chapter margin in LaTeX

I've a big problem with LaTeX, because I can't delete margin before new chapter (marked in the [screenshot][1] I've tried everything but I am rather new and I didn't manage. My code: ...

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Rendering MathJax after loading content with jQuery

I load some content containing math with jQuery into my html file. Now I want Mathjax to typeset this new content, but it doesn't work. This is what my JavaScript code looks like <script ...

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Multi column and multi row table in LaTeX?

How do I draw the following table in LaTeX? The data inside is not that important. I wrote the following code: \begin{table}[H] \centering \begin{tabular}{cccccc} \hline ...

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How to merge multiple markdown files with pandoc while retaining cross document links?

I am trying to merge multiple markdown documents in a single folder together into a PDF with pandoc. The documents may contain links to each other which should be browseable in the markdown format, ...

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Environment 'lstlisting' inserts spaces in pdf

When I write \begin{lstlisting} /opt/httpServer/lighttpd/config/lighttpd.conf \end{lstlisting} and view the line in my PDF document, copy and paste it to an editor, I receive / opt / h t t p S e ...

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How to ensure that the text paragraphs on the right side are consistent in the formula environment in the Latex?

I try to write the following formula in Latex My question is that how to write the right-hand side formula? How to ensure that the text paragraphs on the right side are consistent in the formula ...

1 answers | 5 hours ago by Hermi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to remove default headers and author information but keep line numbers in acmart document class

I am working with overleaf latex using \documentclass[sigconf,authordraft]{acmart} I need To include line numbers for the two column document To remove author information which comes as page header. ...

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How do I change a separator in tabular just for one row in LaTeX?

I'd like to change a column separator just for one row in my tabular. For now, the = is set up as a separator between columns, for the last row I would like to change it for a \vdots. Thanks a lot. ...

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How to show math equations in general github's markdown(not github's blog)

After investigating, I've found mathjax can do this. But when I write some example in my markdown file, it doesn't show the correct equations: I have added this in the head of markdown file: <...

12 answers | 9 hours ago by alexunder on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Is it possible to rmarkdown::render a pdf_document for kable tables with styling?

I'm trying to render a Rmd file in a script: rmarkdown::render("Test.Rmd") Which works fine when I knit the file itself but if it contains kable_styling options at all e.g. ```{r, echo = ...

1 answers | 13 hours ago by Undroid on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to output with R Markdown in foreign languages?

I'm trying to write a document in Ukrainian/Russian using R markdown to output to a pdf, but the characters don't render. For example, my title 'Мова чи/или язык' just appears as '/'. Is there a ...

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BibTex: undefined control sequence. …author} {\bibnamefont {#ref},\ }\href@noop

I have a problem with BibTex citations. I use the following setup: Vim + VimTex (latexmk) + revtex4-2 class + custom preamble. The problem occurs when I try to compile my main file master.tex, in ...

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How can I change the layout of the graph?

I try to draw a graph composed of more than one avm with nodes connected to each other by referring to the answer on this link: https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/396814/typesetting-trees-and-...

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How to exclude references in .bib file from indentation in Rmarkdown

I'm using this in my YAML file, and it indents all paragraphs, including the references, I want to exclude some paragraphs, as well as references list, read from a .bib file (IEEE style). I'm using ...

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Can I use \input{file.tex} or similar to efficiently bring content (not a whole document) from a LaTeX file into a Jupyter notebook?

I am new to Jupyter notebooks and Python and have started using these to make materials for a workshop so that I can also produce a handout. I have useful content in various LaTeX files that I would ...

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How to include Acronym from separate .tex file to main project file in Latex

I am working on my theisi and I have a separate .tex file for Acronym. The Acronym.tex file content as follow: \chapter{Acronym} \newacronym{TOC}{TOC}{Total Ownership Cost} ...

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XSLT and MathJax

I am new to XSLT and StackOverflow. I'm trying to use the TEI Boilerplate stylesheet to render a TEI document in the browser. All goes well until I try get MathJax to render the formulae. I've ...

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Huge $\sqrt{\text{Nested} \sqrt{\text{root} \sqrt{\text{problem}}}}$

Background While thinking about these two meta questions scaling root problem $\sqrt{\text{Nested} \sqrt{\text{root} \sqrt{\text{problem}}}}$ I've come up with another "root problem" which ...

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Latex using Uninstalled Font

I was using Open Sans Condensed as font for my Latex documents. Here is what I did: \setprimaryfont{Open Sans Condensed Light} After that, I uninstalled Open Sans Condensed but when I create a ...

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Mathjax delay rendering code inside spoilers

I am trying to render mathjax for visible elements in the following. I hid the answers and would like to render math only when someone clicks on the button. Currently mathjax is doing fantastic job ...

1 answers | yesterday by Ramakrishna S on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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BibTeX You can't pop an empty literal stack

I know just the basic of latex, and I got an error inside the bibliography files iet.bst a bibliography file modified by IET and offered as latex files to write a paper to be published. The error is ...

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Sphinx latex output filename

When running sphinx-build -b latex ... Sphinx writes a *.tex file into some output directory. The name of that *.tex file seems to somehow be derived from the project title set in conf.py. I'd like to ...

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converting KaTeX to MathJax

Is there currently any way in javascript to convert a KaTeX formular to MathJax, I want to support exporting to Anki which just works with MathJax. If not, is there a table which shows which commands ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Paul Müller on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Labels and nodes in plot3 in Tikz?

I got this code of a 3d plot in Tikz: \begin{figure} \centering \begin{tikzpicture} \begin{axis}[ hide axis, mesh/interior colormap name=hot, colormap/blackwhite] ...

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How do I convert from postscript/gnuplot to pdf maintaining accented letters for latex document?

So I have to write my lab report in Italian for my lab class. In class they taught us how to use gnuplot to create graphs, so I'm using it to produce our graphs, which then I need to put in my latex ...

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Video embedded into pdf with Latex does not play correctly

I want to embed an mp4 video (with H.264 codec) into a pdf with Latex, using the media9 package. There are no error messages during compilation. Before activating the video in the pdf, there is a ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by bproxauf on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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RStudio Sweave error -> exit code -1073740791

I have problem with running my .rnw (I am running Sweave) files in RStudio due to this error message: Writing to file test.tex Processing code chunks with options ... You can now run (pdf)latex on ...

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Debugging problem when knitting from r markdown to pdf

I've downloaded miktex, tinytex and ghostscript and tried changing the path since the problem seems to be in the path. So far nothing has helped me and I would appreciate some help: This is my error ...

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Load a single symbol from a LaTeX package

When using the MnSymbol package, pdflatex gives two font warnings: LaTeX Font Warning: Encoding 'OMS' has changed to 'U' for symbol font (Font) 'symbols' in the math version 'normal' on ...

3 answers | 2 days ago by Martijn on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to use Oxford reference system correctly for both weblinks and books in latex?

So im writing a paper at my university and im having some problem with the reference system in latex doing it correctly based on if its a weblink, a book etc.

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