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Tex Live 's TeXworks can't format

The Tex Live installation should be OK, but it's don't work as expected. Where is wrong? I saw Can't spawn "cmd.exe",and I checked out the path,which was fine. And I can use cmd in powershell to open ...

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How to show tables with LATEX in Google Colab?

How are you, I am using Google Colab to solve exercises of my university in combination with the pandas library. According to the documentation of Colab to be able to show some formula using LATEX, ...

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BibTeX not finding .aux file within Texmaker's “build” subdirectory

I've configured Texmaker to send the output files to a "build" subdirectory to try and keep the folder organized. Within the main folder is my .tex and .bib files accompanied by the "build" folder. ...

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Bad Alignment with bordermatrix in mathjax

I'm trying to make a border matrix but the elements outside the pmatrix are badalignment respect the pmatrix using Mathjax. Here's the code: \documentclass[14pt,a4paper,oneside]{article} ...

1 answers | 9 hours ago by Tobal on TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange tex.stackexchange.com
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Should titles be included in begingroup..endgroup (similarly as posts and comments)?

Not too long ago, a Stack Exchange software was changed in such way that macros defined in a post are valid only inside that posts (similarly for comments). It was announced in an answer on this meta: ...

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Infering the size of a minipage from the containing tikz node for rmarkdown

This is a follow-up question to Using bullets list in tikz's node label in rmarkdown. I had some TikZ code that works fine in pure LaTex but NOT when I transport it to rmarkdown where the error ! ...

1 answers | 14 hours ago by Liman on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Jupyter Notebooks: exporting Bokeh Plots to pdf, possibly by using a Latex snippet that only runs during pdf export

I am following up on a question I posted a while back. I have a Jupyter Notebook version 6.2. The Bokeh package is used for interactive plots. This package works fine for plotting, but Bokeh saves the ...

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How can I use selenium to record mathjax loading time

I am trying to use selenium get asynchronous elements(MathJax equation) loading time. I try to write a python-selenium script to record the loading time of my website, but my website contains a lot ...

1 answers | 18 hours ago by OliverL on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Permutation And Combination method in MathJax using Asscii Code

Need a Permutation And Combination mathJaX symbol for the nCr and nPr

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How to change citation format?

I'm using Harvard citations in a paper. I use the following options: \usepackage{natbib} \bibpunct{(}{)}{,}{a}{}{;} ... \bibliographystyle{plainnat} \bibliography{Comparison} When I use \cite and ...

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Small triangle appear when changing the edge labelling in tikz

I want to create a directed graph. I am using the "tikz"-package. When I am compiling the code, some edge of size 0 are created. By changing the code to \draw the edge have disappeared. Code to ...

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How do I use latexmk with MuPDF as the PDF previewer?

MuPDF doesn't support automatic reloading. How do I use it as a document previewer for latexmk1? 1: Example call: latexmk -pdf -pvc doc.tex

2 answers | yesterday by Blender on Super User superuser.com
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How to insert code with shortcuts with notepad++?

I am trying to use notepad++ as a TeX editor, as such I would like to add custom shortcuts which would insert code or even surround with a selected block, however the snippet plugins don't offer ...

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Table generated by panda's to_latex() too wide. Longtable=True not working

I want to insert a dataframe in a latex report using the pandas dataframe.to_latex() method. The resulting table is too wide and does not fit in a single page. I noticed that pandas has a ...

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Notify about an edit when it changes MathJax, even if not “substantive”

I think that whenever a post gets edited by someone other than the person who wrote it and when the edit changes a MathJax formula, then, no matter how small the change was technically, the author of ...

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Using bullets list in tikz's node label in rmarkdown

I have a tikz code to generate some graphs that works properly in latex (tested on overleaf: https://www.overleaf.com). However, this is supposed to be part of a large rmarkdown file but I cannot seem ...

2 answers | yesterday by Liman on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Can I use \input{file.tex} or similar to efficiently bring content (not a whole document) from a LaTeX file into a Jupyter notebook?

I am new to Jupyter notebooks and Python and have started using these to make materials for a workshop so that I can also produce a handout. I have useful content in various LaTeX files that I would ...

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No shape named X is known

I am trying to create a tikz picture with pgfplots featuring an angle with the tkz-euclide package. However, after much difficulty, I am unable to compile the latex document. I tried changing the ...

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How do I left justify text between enumerates in LaTex?

\begin{enumerate} \def\labelenumi{\Alph{enumi}.} \item The \textbf{Definition} of ``Period of Restoration'' is replaced by the following: \begin{enumerate} \def\labelenumii{\arabic{enumii}.} \...

3 answers | 2 days ago by EGD on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Does anyone know the code for the symbol less than or greater than \lessgtr in latex

Need to know the code for symbol less than or greater than in this format: Note: detexify and the comprehensive book of symbols were with no help. Also this one is depreciated: ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Houssein Kemel on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Does anyone know how to get the theta under the arg max in this formula?

Was trying to reformat the formula in this question, but can't get the theta to appear under the max. I've been going through the formatting guide, but haven't yet identified how to do it without a ...

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Formatting Sandbox

Basically the same as Formatting Sandbox in Meta Stack Exchange, but since this and Statistical Analysis are the only two sites (I know) supporting $\TeX$ formatting, I believe we also need one here ...

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RMarkdown kable vertically align cells

I am authoring a report using RMarkdown, and using kable and kableExtra to format and print the table. Here is what I want would look like the table to look like (made in Word): I am struggling to ...

2 answers | Jun 14 at 12:04 by azdatasci on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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What are the technical difficulties that would be caused by MathJax in chat?

There were many discussions about MathJax in chat both on this meta and on per-site-metas. (One of the main arguments why it might be useful seems to be that comments are rendered differently when ...

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How to write LaTeX in IPython Notebook?

How can I display LaTeX code in a IPython Notebook?

11 answers | Jun 14 at 8:41 by KostasA on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How can I draw a tree with TikZ using PyLatex?

I have a homework assignment where I need to generate a PDF file containing a tree image using Python 3 and LaTeX's tikz package. It'd be really helpful if someone has a simple sample code. I need to ...

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Too much space between the paragraph and an image

I am trying to place several images in a tabular arrangement using tabularx within a figure. The problem I have is that for some reason there is too much space between the last paragraph above the ...

1 answers | Jun 13 at 19:25 by Alejandro Martínez on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to reduce the EPS-format output of gnuplot?

I have a big amount of data from which I would like to create a scatter plot and include it in my LaTeX document. I use gnuplot to generate the scatter plot with the epslatex output format to be able ...

3 answers | Jun 13 at 13:04 by PBM on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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matplotlib 3d axes ticks, labels, and LaTeX

I am running this sample script, with the following modifications: import matplotlib as mpl from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d import Axes3D import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt ...

2 answers | Jun 13 at 8:50 by Phys251 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to successfully convert math papers to plain text

Goals: 1.Develop a canonical method to use plain text to uniquely represent STEM papers in general and math papers in particular. Develop softwares that can convert existing typed STEM papers into ...

1 answers | Jun 12 at 22:47 by Ying Zhou on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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