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How to write Mathjax formulas inside JSON and put into HTML?

My JSON file contain a Mathjax formula: The Mathjax formula is not displayed correctly, it is displayed as it is written. When I put that formula in HTML directly, it works fine, and displays the ...

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System of equations in draw.io

I'm looking for a way to write a system of equations in draw.io. I know how to do it in latex, but it seems that the syntax is different in draw.io. Could you tell me how to do it please? In latex I ...

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Troubleshooting: Error in system(latexCmd, intern = TRUE, ignore.stderr = TRUE) : error in running command - tikzDevice in RStudio

so I try to use tikzDevice in order to get a vector graphic which I then want to include in my Overleaf file. However, as I used the instruction from here, I run into a problem. Also, I use RStudio ...

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Requesting New Feature: “View Mark-up” button

Beneath every answer on stack exchange, there are various hyperlinks, such as: Share Edit Follow Flag Occasionally, I want to copy a snippet mark-up language from an answer without editing that ...

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Weebly and Mathjax

I have tried the four or so answers here to display MathJax on weebly (free account). Is there any way that would actually produce inline equations? Any hint would be super appreciated! Thanks!

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Windows Makefiles and TEXINPUTS

Remark: Put this Question on tex.stackexchange and was adviced to also ask here Under Windows (using make from GnuWin32) i want to set my TEXINPUTS variable in a makefile My Structure is as follows: ...

1 answers | 17 hours ago by Greer on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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TinyTex isn't working anymore with rmarkdown (maybe Path problems?)

I had a big problem with tinytex. When I tried to knit my document, it said that R can't find "pdflatex". So I tried to reinstall it, but that made things worse! I can't even install tinytex ...

1 answers | 18 hours ago by Fade on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Making the tour mandatory before asking questions?

I have had a SE account for some time now so forgive me if this policy is already in place. I am curious if the tour is mandatory prior to asking questions? If not, has this ever been considered? Is ...

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Rendering math formulas using CodeCogs' API

I'm trying to render equations with this tool https://editor.codecogs.com/ As you can see, when you write an equation on this editor, you can click download to get an SVG render of your equation. I'm ...

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Not able to add footnote and caption below a table in Latex

I am creating a table using tabularx package, and adding figtext and caption in the table package. I want both the footnote and the caption below the table, but as soon as I add a caption, the ...

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Draw a symbol in Tkiz

I need to draw a symbol like this one (the thin line). I need it to be flexible in that I can have multiple lines with text. The black boxes represent text. I could have more than three lines of text. ...

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How can I configure pandoc-crossref to handle supplementary figures and subfigures? (Latex input, word output)

I am using the linked pattern to add a separate numbering for supplementary figures in LaTeX: ...

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Latex Citation in matplotlib Legend

I am generating figures for a technical paper using Python with matplotlib. Is there a way to include a Latex/Bibtex citation in the legend text? Ideally I would like a solution something like the ...

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Is there a way to keep the numbering of the bibliography but have the citation itself in apa-style?

So currently I have a bibliography consisting of: [1] Firstname Lastname, Second Author. Interesting paper about something, volume 900. Science Paper, 2022. However, I want to have this in APA-...

1 answers | yesterday by Michiel on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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LaTex won't render in jupyter notebook in VS Code but does running jupyter notebook

I installed VS Code today and created a very simple jupyter notebook which runs without any errors, but does not render the LaTex in VS Code even after installing the LaTex Workshop extension. When I ...

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Is it possible to create a question based for r-exams, based on Venn diagrams code from TikZ?

I'm trying to create a question in RMarkdown, using r-exams, based on the Venn diagrams package from TikZ https://www.ctan.org/pkg/venndiagram. I can't get it to work properly. Here part of my code: ...

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URL latex linebreak

When a URL is over a line and goes onto a second line, the hyperlink only uses the first line. Is there a way to get around this and yet still have the URL on multiple lines?

10 answers | yesterday by Ljdawson on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Creating unconventional graph

I am discovering the class Graph in manim. Long story short, I am trying to generate the so-called "bat" from semigroup theory: bat With help of the documentation, I have ended up here: ...

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Cannot convert ipython notebook to pdf

I'm running into an error during conversion from Jupyter Notebook to PDF: nbconvert failed: PDF creating failed Then I tried running the pdf-converter from the command line and received the following ...

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Compiling multiple LaTeX files in Windows

I have a folder with many LaTeX files that all use the same custom LaTeX class. Now I want to recompile all of these LaTeX files. They are aranged in separate folders with the same name for the main ...

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Troubleshooting 'Tool(s) not installed or not in PATH: ghostcript' warning in RStudio

A warning message In has_crop_tools() : Tool(s) not installed or not in PATH: ghostcript -> As a result, figure cropping will be disabled. appears when a simple R Markdown document is knitted to ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by andselisk on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Jupyter: export as PDF when notebook itself has LaTeX included

I have an IPython notebook, and I want to export it as a pdf with latex. This works for notebooks which do not contain LaTeX themselves, but when I directly use latex inside the notebook and then try ...

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CSP: How to allow unsafe-eval for a given URI prefix (Firefox)

I'm trying to use MathJax as part of our web application which uses pretty strict Content Security Policy (CSP). The problem is that MathJax is coded to use eval() [to be exact, in form of Function()] ...

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How to change table sytle of an Markdown document with pandoc to convert to PDF

i have this markdownfile > # section > ## subsection > ### subsubsection > > > > ![dummy1](.\dummy1.jpg) > > Lorem Ipsum is simply ...

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R: Print two tables with xtable ()

I have data tables (d1 and d2) which I would like to print side by side or on top of each other in latex with their own individual titles. Is it possible to do that directly with xtable()? The two ...

2 answers | Jun 15 at 11:40 by user702432 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to generate a table where each cell is the alpha (and standard error) of a different regression

I am trying to replicate the following table: I have the coefficients and the standard errors in a melted table. I know how to transform them into two different tables (one for coefficients and the ...

Jun 15 at 9:45 by Alex Ortiz on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How do I add hyphen or spanish words in Jabref for citation in Lyx?

I am using a .bib file for my references. Some entries have a hyphen or Spanish words in the title or in the authors' list which mess up with Lyx and these letters are misinterpretted in Lyx pdf. Here ...

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Bibliography is not showing up in Overleaf

I am using this template in my overleaf Report: https://www.overleaf.com/project/60c75f5e234ec24080f0ea6a If link is not accesible here is the code: \documentclass [11pt]{article} \title{Fuel Cell ...

1 answers | Jun 14 at 21:22 by MAC on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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overleaf standalone package (for multi-file projects) - subpreamble is not considered

I am building a multi-file latex project with overleaf, following this guide. In short, I like moderncv title, and i want to use that together with a simple article to have my cover letter be ...

Jun 14 at 21:08 by MaX on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Plot title containing math $\\times$ sign

I would like to include the mathematical sign for a multiplication (like the lower-case x) in a plot title. I have tried using latex2exp to no avail - can someone help me with this? The reprex code is ...

2 answers | Jun 14 at 16:44 by Ivo on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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