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Why isn't there a horizontal scrollbar in the “about me” section?

I cannot see a horizontal scrollbar in the "about me" section where there are long images (as in @UniKitty's profile) Where did the horizontal scrollbar go? Shouldn't it be there?

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Let’s improve our site navigation

A.k.a. the 2015 Questions to Answer Refactoring Konversion (QuARK) A.k.a. the great cheese move of 2015. TL:DR; we are looking to change the navigation of the question lists on the site. We are ...

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Please change our visited link colours on Meta to something more legible than bright yellow on white

Our link colours on Meta RPG are a sort of off-yellow (as opposed to red on main site), and mostly they're pretty legible, but the visited link colour is not, being a fairly bright yellow (#d29b44) on ...

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Clicking Meta Logo/“Questions” in New Nav doesn't work as expected

One of my favorite things is being able to click the site logo to go back to the most recent activity page. Apparently, part of the New Nav changes was to make the logo sticky... I don't like this ...

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How can we increase visibility of bountied questions with the new navigation?

Previously, bountied questions were available from any question page (including the home page) via the clearly labeled "featured" tab. I think I actually discovered bounties originally because I ...

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How can we change the favicon of SE site in Beta?

I am currently associated with a SE site hinduism.stackexchange.com. This SE site is currently in Beta and I found that the favicon for the site is showing 'Hi', ie, the first 2 alphabets from the ...

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“Similar questions” overlaps footer and has no background

I can scroll down so far enough (because my question is short) to have the hot network questions overlap the footer: Could they either be given a white background: (just disable the transparency ...

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Can we move the “Answer your own question”

Above the button that says "Post Your Question" when asking a question. I feel this looks a bit odd: As the action of "Post Your Question" would actually take you away from this page. I would ...

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Visited Links No Longer Distinguishable

Apparently, visited links are no longer distinguishable from the rest. They used to be in a slightly different shade than non-visited ones. Personally, I found the feature to be very helpful, and I'm ...

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The compact layout in the new navigation hides the number of results

The new navigation has the option to display posts in the compact or expanded layouts: When you are using the expanded layout, you get the result count to the right: When you choose the ...

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Let's change the photo-se badge icons to something specific to photography!

Some of the SE communities have custom badge icons (skeptics is the first one that comes to mind). I think it would be really neat if we replaced our generic copper, silver, and gold squares with ...

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Comments on election nominations are out-dented, not indented

In a site election page, there are nominations, and there can be comments on the nominations. The comments on these nominations are "outdented" instead of indented. In searching meta.se for a ...

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Visited tags and badges are styled differently to unvisited ones

I just recently (some two weeks ago) noticed that on some sites (certainly Movies & TV and Seasoned Advice, even if harder to notice there) the font color inside the tags behaves like links, which ...

1 answers | Jun 30 at 11:25 by Christian Rau on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Github logo on Google Developers page for Stack Overflow

Today,when I was browsing through Google Developers page I noticed a thing a reference to Stack Overflow with the Github logo. <img src="/site-assets/logo-github.svg" ...

1 answers | Jun 30 at 7:03 by dh47 on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Change the colour of the links in post notifications

I brought this up before in response to the notice about the new design, but it wasn't followed up on. The colour of links barely has any contrast to the surrounding text: I have a strong feeling ...

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Sidebar graphics distort when pulled

When you pull the sidebar on the Stack Exchange app to the right, after a certain limit it begins to distort and stretch.

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Great answers are shy!

Just a minute ago I went to answers of my profile and found that my top answer became a bit shy: Then I figured out that it happens with any answers with score>100: Please unshy them! ...

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Why are large images less high quality?

It may just be me, but when I compare these images, the one with no size change looks much better: No size change: Size change (l): Size change (img tag): Why does the img tag look so much ...

2 answers | Jun 27 at 20:36 by Tim on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Non-user-friendly message when trying to edit post with pending suggested editions

I just tried to edit a post in stackoverflow and got the following message: It reads: There is a pending suggested edit in the queue, try again in a few minutes. First of all, I understand ...

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Icon overlaps some usernames in chat

The display name of "Nicolas Chabanovsky" both goes under the logo, and the Mod Diamond goes onto another line. The same happens for another user too:

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Could the green numbers be clearer again?

The accepted answers with solid green backed looked better to me. I guess I am finding that is starting to become harder to read than

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Updates to the site

You may have noticed some updates to the design lately, they are part of a SE network-wide update to a new base css framework. The updates allow us to: Have sharper / more beautiful design on ...

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Can SE or someone else make SE question and answer “cards” for printing?

There is a related question, but that's not what I'm asking about. Instead, I happened across a neat idea on the Mi Yodeya meta site. They have selected certain questions and answer to be put into a ...

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Background of long OP username looks ugly in comments

I just noticed something funny in the comments to this question: See the messy "scratches" on each end of the OP's username? I'm pretty sure they're not supposed to be there. The reason this ...

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The “error” dialog is very difficult to read

So I was upvoting a comment on an answer, but the request seemed to fail for some reason. The error dialog is displayed, but I had to highlight the text to actually see what it was, it looks pretty ...

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Show and Sort are hidden behind tag selection

When I filter by "favorite tag" (here 21) and set show to "bounties" and then switch show back to "need answers". The show and sort selection move to next line and are hidden behind the tag selection. ...

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Background-Image of Empty Result is not removed when loading question with recent activity

The Background-Image is not removed when filtering with recent activity. My first filter results in no result, displaying the Image. After a short time the gray banner is displayed indicating recent ...

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Markdown header line problems

So in markdown we have a header: =, -. Like this: Hello Hello Hello - So there is no line! However, when editing a profile, in the preview box, there is a line. However, when we view it in the ...

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List of communities with base css updates completed

The design team has been rolling out design updates to sites as part of network-wide update to a new base css framework. The updates allow us to: Use .svg sprites for retina displays Fix layout ...

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css error on the button bar of the post editor

I'm using Firefox 38 on vista. On BSE (or any beta site) the error does not show up, however here and on SO (or anywhere with the new design) the "Markdown Editing Help" button in the post editor ...

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