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In the login form, long passwords makes the “forgot?” action link look ugly

Because an image says more than a thousand words: Notice how, when a user has a long password, the password masking dots overlap with the "forgot?" link, which looks quite ugly. The "forgot?" link ...

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List of communities with base css updates completed

The design team has been rolling out design updates to sites as part of network-wide update to a new base css framework. The updates allow us to: Use .svg sprites for retina displays Fix layout ...

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Badges earned and privileges unlocked in the profile page shows in a weird manner

Why am I seeing badges earned and privileges unlocked like this in the profile page? I can see this issue in several SE sites. The problems in the above screenshot are: "You earned a new ...

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Could we change the color of the accepted answer check for color blind people?

So I just figured out that stack exchange exists like 2 months ago and I am now just getting active in the wonderful world of cross validated and its great. One thing I came across just now is I ...

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Site updates are live!

A majority of the changes are not be visible; these tweaks go along with recent updates that were made to Stack Overflow: We have updated the site's CSS to a newly refactored LESS system, so that ...

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Mouse angle issues

The following picture shows the direction my mouse takes moving from button opener to scroll bar: As you can see, it passes over grey territory which causes the menu window to close, which is ...

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Longer textfields in the “Post as a Guest” section

The textfields in the "Post as a Guest" section could be made a bit more longer: And on English Language & Usuage, the textfields appear a bit too big on Firefox: while on Chrome, the ...

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Updates to the site

My name is Stéphane and I'm a designer at Stack Exchange, you may have noticed some updates to the design lately. The updates are part of a SE network-wide update which allows us to: Have sharper / ...

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Misplaced 'votes' button on profile page

The buttons for the different tabs on the Activity part of your personal profile page are aligned perfectly fine if you have no recent activity: but as soon as you have new reputation changes, ...

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Post as a guest: CSS bug

Here's what it looks like on Win7, Chrome 45.0.2454.85, 1304x660 viewport: Similar issue in Firefox 40 and IE 11, yet it underflows instead of overflowing. Fix: remove that useless one-cell ...

1 answers | Oct 3 at 18:25 by polkovnikov.ph on Role-playing Games Meta meta.rpg.stackexchange.com
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Stack Exchange dropdown graphical shift when hovering over titles

On Photography SE, if I open the Stack Exchange dropdown in the upper left corner of the page and hover over CURRENT COMMUNITY, YOUR COMMUNITIES or MORE STACK EXCHANGE COMMUNITIES, a 1px dotted line ...

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CSS woes: blue links, messed up user page (Are we getting an upgrade?!)

Links have suddenly turned blue, again. New question instead of bumping the old one because I can’t remove status-completed from the other. Moreover, the CSS on the user pages is messed up, floats ...

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SFF and Mi Yodeya (and other sites without CSS update) are experiencing odd link colors & Broken User Profile pages

Odd CSS link colors have appeared again on at least some of the sites without the CSS update, specifically including Science Fiction & Fantasy and Mi Yodeya, and likely others. User profile pages ...

3 answers | Oct 2 at 20:08 by Catija on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Mod menu in review queues looks weird

When I try to use the mod link in the right-hand side of the review queue (close votes in this case), the mod menu is all greyed out and weird. Compare a 'normal' menu on a post: And one from ...

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Text and images are cut off

I've tried zooming out but it won't let me, the text and images are simply cut off. This also happens with code snippets sometimes. WP 8.1, IE.

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Close “x” icon gets clipped inside the containing dialog

When you are looking at a job offer from StackOverflow in Careers there is a "Not sure yet? Ask Stack Overflow a question" link that opens a modal window. I have noticed that there is a quarter of a ...

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Improve the scrolling experience of the about me section on the new profile tab

On my desktop (ubuntu, several of them) most of the times I must use several attempts to scroll down in my profile view. The small vertical scrollbar is really small and hard to me for hit and not ...

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Leave double quotes in title alone on IT-related sites

When viewing Unix & Linux in the normal web interface (I checked Firefox and Chrome under Linux), double quotes " in titles are rewritten to their non-ASCII slanted versions “…”. This is highly ...

1 answers | Sep 29 at 19:33 by Gilles on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Twitter accounts of localized Stack Overflow sites use the old versions of the logo

Compare the Twitter icons: @StackOverflow uses the new logo. @ruStackOverflow has a modified icon based on previous logo. @StackOverflowPT and Stack Overflow日本語版 went retro all the way, using ...

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Design for up-down buttons

I am not entirely sure whether this can be asked here, however I will give it a go. I have seen that most of the SE sections have very pretty designs for the up-down vote arrow buttons, that are most ...

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A design update is coming!

You may have noticed some updates to the design lately, they are part of a SE network-wide update to a new base css framework. The updates allow us to: Have sharper / more beautiful design on ...

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Left side markdown diff outside of its area

This is how I see this review on Chrome: It seems removal of spaces went outside of its area from the left side and looks like something was removed on the right side. This is very confusing way ...

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Question listing formatting bug

I think this is a formatting bug. Can be seen for instance on http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/formatting?page=2&sort=unanswered&pagesize=50

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Hard to click on links for featured meta posts

I often find it extremely difficult to open a featured meta post: Take for example the "Why are we getting so many off topic ..." link. That one spans multiple lines. So I moused over and clicked. ...

1 answers | Sep 27 at 21:59 by Justin on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Move the position of the comment flag and upvote buttons

When I browse the content of the SE sites from my Android Device, it becomes really hard to upvote a comment. Whenever I try to do so, it gets clicked on the Flag button. After trying several times, ...

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Please center the toque in our logo inside the circle!

Not much else to say. I don't usually nitpick things like this but this is our site's logo and right now, it just looks a bit sloppy. I respect all of the hard work the design team does but please, ...

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Moderator stats page doesn't highlight correctly with new beta theme

With the new beta theme, these are supposedly the highlighting key for stats on /admin: This doesn't match what I see on http://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/admin:

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Text from the side overlaps to the footer when I scroll to the bottom most part of the page

Take a look at this screenshot. Then if you scroll at the bottom most part of the page you can see this. I think the text from the side overlaps to the footer of the page. It says here that it ...

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Movies & TV hot network question ads have poor colouring. Please improve it?

A hot network question just showed up on RPG.SE for Movies & TV, which is fine, but its colouring is nuts: Could M&TV have their ad adjusted slightly so that it doesn't do uncomfortable ...

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Questions including favorite tags sometimes lose highlight in new nav

I'm using the new nav, and I usually using the recommended tags option. Today, I thought I'd switch it up a bit and look for questions in any of my favorite tags, so I changed the tag options to ...

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