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Incorrect spacing around headers

When we use a header in a Question or Answer, the header is starting a new section of text, and is not related to the previous text above it (we have bold etc for highlighting within current text). ...

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Color tag for accepted answers on “Related” posts

I have a question about a convenient feature that seems to have disappeared after the last "overhaul" (or whatever it was) on M.SE. I seem to recall that, in the column of "Related" posts associated ...

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Bug if the name of a rare tag badge is too long

I think this doesn't occur very often, but if a tag badge has a very long name and it has been earned at least one year ago, and it shows up in the rare badges, then it doesn't fit, causing a bug: ...

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Stack Overflow Careers job link / post tags mess and overlap issue

The tags on the "Sr. Software Developer/Web Application Developer" job post are a big mess. They are clubbed together and formed a big long link of tags. It also overflows on the share sidebar to its ...

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Display error with reputation chart on mobile

I just noticed this display bug on mobile view (Safari - iOS8 on iPhone 6) in my profile at the reputation chart. I tried so search for other reports but I didn't find anything, resulting me in ...

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markdown to put a box around text in a comment

This comment displays with a box around some of the text. Firefox and Safari both display it this way. What is the markdown code to create such a box?

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Confusion about need answers > no answer > sorting options at Meta.SE new navigation

I am totally confused by the sorting options/choices given for the "no answer" show filter under the "need answers" tab. To understand/explain it better, I would like to share the following ...

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Why does clicking twice on Show/Hide excerpts refreshes “Hot Network Questions” on the right side panel

I am currently participated in testing the new navigation. I just saw Sklivvz ♦ post Improving our navigation, the next iteration and thought of giving a try. I love the new expanded layout view and ...

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Does the Meta.SE header get updated when each site comes out of beta?

The Meta Stack Exchange header background seems to have the logos of many graduated sites in it. After a quick count, you will find that there is the same number of logos in the header as there are ...

1 answers | Jul 25 at 11:06 by Angus Atkinson on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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“Tab pinning” appears blank on tablet

"Tab pinning", as called in the featured topic (Improving our navigation, the next iteration) appears blank on my tablet: I can see the boxes but no logo in it. I can't really provide a screen ...

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New questions feed looks great, except the reputation identifier needs a space

Consider this: We need a space there! Yikes. At first I thought the user's full handle was developingo31. Maybe if it was a different color too that might be neat? Like a slightly lighter (or ...

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Fix overlap issue to show drop-down arrow for Sort by: option list on the new Blog search results page

The newly re-designed Stack Exchange blog search results page displays the results by sorting them in its "Relevance" (by default). These results can also be sorted/filtered by using the "Date" ...

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Change foreground text color on SE's new Blog search results pagination links

I would like to make a feature request to change the foreground text color of the pagination links shown at the the bottom of search results page on the new Stack Exchange blog. Try searching for ...

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CSS for daily site access calendar on profile page fails to load over HTTPS

Google Chrome: Version 32.0.1700.107 m This happens when displaying the profile and clicking on the number of visited days/consecutive. .

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The font size of posts in the Android app is too small!

So I was browsing through my activity a little and went to visit the bigger 'problem points' of last week to check back upon myself and stumbled over this answer. In my Android app that looks a ...

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Add spacing / padding to “Protected By…” and "Not the answer you're looking for

When viewing a protected question while logged out, there appears to be some padding missing. If you look closely it seems that "Not the answer you're looking for?..." overlaps the "Protected..." ...

1 answers | Jul 23 at 3:11 by JonH on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Help Center design suggestions

Links displayed on the right side of the Help Center page seem to be deserted and just hanging in the middle. On child meta sites, these links are enclosed in a colored box which provides some ...

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Careers PDF, expand links to show url in copy areas

When you export a PDF of your careers profile, if you have links to other sites in a copy area like "Background" those links aren't shown. It would be nice if the link in the markdown was rendered ...

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Would it be possible to fix the container box clipped title on SE's grid view visual interface

I really enjoy browsing the most commonly accessed Stack Exchange sites using the current grid-view user interface. It's very beautifully designed and a visually appealing interface. The container ...

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Background-Image of Empty Result is not removed when loading question with recent activity

The Background-Image is not removed when filtering with recent activity. My first filter results in no result, displaying the Image. After a short time the gray banner is displayed indicating recent ...

1 answers | Jul 22 at 6:06 by Jehof on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Feedback Requested: Design-Independent Graduation

Last month's announcement about our updated criteria for graduation and site closure sparked some solid examination into the intended nature of public beta and graduation. One thing these discussions ...

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Long comments can break layout

A sufficiently long comment without spaces can break the page's layout:

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Is there any way to view specific HNQ side-bar advertisements or their base images?

Occasionally the side bar on any SE site displays individual questions from the Hot Network Questions list as advertisement images in the usual 220x250 format. Those are based on a specific design ...

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Site design updates are live!

A majority of the changes are not be visible; these tweaks go along with recent updates that were made to Stack Overflow: We have updated the site's CSS to a newly refactored LESS system, so that ...

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List of communities with base css updates completed

The design team has been rolling out design updates to sites as part of network-wide update to a new base css framework. The updates allow us to: Use .svg sprites for retina displays Fix layout ...

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Block “Similar Questions” box refreshment when mouse pointer hovers it

...or there is touchstart event initiated. Maybe I'm the only one on "Stack Exchange" planet with this problem, but it simply drives me crazy, when I middle click any question in either "Similar ...

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Issue with new design: Visited links are nearly indistinguishable in color from regular text

I love the new site design, but to me the links, particularly visited ones, are not different enough in color from regular text. In the example below the text 'this post' is a visited link:

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Being a member of an SE site with a long name and 12 digits with all three badge types causes the design to break on some SE sites with large font

0x7fffffff is a member of Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair with the site in their top five sites, and also happens to have 12 digits for the numerical values for their Stack Overflow account (5 ...

1 answers | Jul 18 at 14:08 by grgarside on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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How many beta sites can the Stack Exchange design team get graduated per year?

Related: Graduation, site closure, and a clearer outlook on the health of Stack Exchange sites As of now I can see only Kurtis Beavers doing the design work, with Jin as Creative Director. As ...

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Layout of Activity page is broken on mobile web after achieving a new badge

When you receive a new badge, there is a dialog congratulating you on achieving a new badge. However, when dismissing the dialog, the layout is broken. It shows the reputation graph (which isn't ...

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