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printing multiple checkbox results into binary string

I have multiple checkboxes (for the months of the year) on a HTML page and want to pick up the users option into a binary string (ex. 011001110101) and print it out on the same page. So, far I can ...

2 answers | 16 secs ago by Szabolcs Horvath on Stack Overflow
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¿Cómo separas un borde de un elemento cuando background-color lo rellena todo?

Estoy tratando de añadir a un elemento con un background-color un borde "espaciado". Lo explico mejor, en html tenngo esto: <div></div> Luego en CSS: div{ background-color: ...

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Undefined property: App\Http\Controllers\PermissionController::$permission

there is my controller <?php namespace App\Http\Controllers; use Illuminate\Http\Request; use Spatie\Permission\Models\Permission; class PermissionController extends Controller { /** * ...

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How can I have a dynamic array without using a vector? C++

The program question is as follows: Write a program that first gets a list of integers from input. The input begins with an integer indicating the number of integers that follow. That list is followed ...

2 answers | 1 min ago by Sabino Maggi on Stack Overflow
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Delay slider load until scroll

I'm building the homepage of a WordPress site with several master sliders on it, I would like to delay the load of the sliders further down the page until the user has scrolled down to them. I’m ...

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ReferenceError:reponse is not defined

I have a problem with response. I tried to research and could not find anything that helped. Code: const { Client, RichEmbed } = require('discord.js') const Discord = require('discord.js') const ...

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How to find exact js. file

I have my first big project using React and I don't know how to find the exact React .js File from the console in Chrome?

1 answers | 1 min ago by B0risov on Stack Overflow
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How to handle "No suitable driver found" exception while connecting MySQL with Eclipse?

I am using Eclipse LUNA package and MySQL 6.0 Workbench. I pasted "mysql-connector-java-5.0.8-bin.jar" file in Referenced Library file. My coding: package a1; import java.sql.Connection; ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by kalyan on Stack Overflow
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Atomic Boolean on Seekbar - Android

I am using coroutine to update 2 textviews and a seekbar for my musicplayer app private suspend fun displayTime(misc: Long) { // While the coroutine is running and has not been canceled by its ...

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Convert local datetime to UTC taking daylight savings into account

I want to migrate an old database to a new structure used by a new app. The old database stored datetimes in local timezone. Thus all the dates and times are using time zones that were active at the ...

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What is wrong with my constructor class for jpa query?

This is my query: @Query("SELECT new Users(, user.createdBy, user.createdOne,, user.firstname, user.isActive, user.lastModifiedBy, user.lastModifiedOn, user.lastname, user....

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Best practice responsive image?

i search for a new best practice (like 2022) responsive image and lazy loading. For long time i use the data-src with javaScript: <a href="/here-is-a-link/" title="Test ...

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Access variables with puppeteer after clicking popup or frame creating button

After programming for a long time I am now trying my to get practical with Javascript. I want to load a page, and click a button and then check the available variables to test if they are looking ...

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Trouble with Hadoop Installation

So, I am trying to install hadoop... I was first installing it on WSL2 ubuntu. Everything went well then after trying to create a test directory inside of hfds, localhost started refusing connection. ...

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Задание: Отобрать сайты с количеством посещений более 50 и вычислить количество таких сайтов среди представленных в C++

Это работа со структурами. Плюс к заданию идут такие характеристики. Характеристики веб-сайта: – полное доменное имя; – категория (личный, корпоративный, информационный, промо-сайт, блог, Интернет-...

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How exactly do security fixes get to the users in PHP?

I want to understand the process to go from a security bug report to a running system having the bug fix applied. Especially how long it takes from the bug being public until the bug is fixed on the ...

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Multiple Else condition in SQL

ID Job Family Source ----------------------- 1 Y Class1 Temp01 2 N Class1 Temp01 3 N Class2 Temp02 4 N Class2 Temp02 5 Y Class2 Temp02 Combine these two case conditions and ...

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How to query posts for a custom post type in a custom taxonomy ? in wordpress 3.0

I've been looking everywhere, I'm trying to query to find the custom posts which are in this post type with a particular taxonomy value set. register_post_type('toy',$args); register_taxonomy( '...

1 answers | 3 mins ago by Phil on Stack Overflow
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Rubik Light Font is rendered instead of just Rubik

I'm trying to include Rubik Font in my project: <link rel="preconnect" href=""> <link rel="preconnect" href="https://fonts....

1 answers | 4 mins ago by Feeco on Stack Overflow
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Creating relative address references - Rust

In code C we can have the following snippet to create a reference to a relative address in memory. int *value = (int*)0x0061FF0C; Since I haven't found a C-like way, I used inline assembly to get the ...

1 answers | 4 mins ago by Ricardo Spinola on Stack Overflow
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How do you perform logical operations like `AND` on LPCWSTR

I want to create a simple Caesar cipher aka rot-13, but i need to do it on LPCWSTR class, i tried to cast it with int and other data types, but in result i always get garbage, i need something as ...

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Upload image and video on Firebase Storage and save URL in Firestore using Java

I have checked the docs provided by Google, but it doesn't metioned how to upload image and video. Map<String, Object> city = new HashMap<>(); city.put("name", "Los ...

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for loop, how to print integers/string two by two

This drives me crazy because it seems so easy, but I cannot figure it out. I have a for-loop and it prints out words what I have entered. This version of for-loop prints it out this way: "car - ...

3 answers | 5 mins ago by lata27 on Stack Overflow
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htaccess and wordpress conflict

I have a problem with my site because it seems to have too many redirects. For example, if I open my website with google chrome, I receive this error: "Errore 310 ...

1 answers | 5 mins ago by user2187734 on Stack Overflow
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What's the deal with a leading underscore in PHP class methods?

While looking over various PHP libraries I've noticed that a lot of people choose to prefix some class methods with a single underscore, such as public function _foo() ...instead of... public ...

14 answers | 5 mins ago by nocash on Stack Overflow
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Считывание чисел до Enter

Каким образом можно реализовать считывание чисел одной строкой через пробел до нажатия Enter? Например, чтобы каждое число добавлялось в ArrayList.

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Const correctness with pointer and reference members

Suppose we a class Mutable which has a non-const member function, void Mutable::mutate(), and a class having a data member of type Mutable. Calls to mutate on said member in a function that is ...

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Apache CXF SOAP Web Services, WS-SecurityPolicy, need to sign only a part, not all content

Can't find an option to sign only a part (Element) of the XML being sent, it seems that the WS-SecurtyPolicy does not have an option to sign only a single element. I have read that there are two ...

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Form doesn't clear when handleSubmit is ran

Everything else (as far as I can tell) within my handleSubmit function is being executed when submit button is clicked. Can someone help me understand why the form isn't clearing? I've attached my ...

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SQL - Selecting the latest entry that meets a condition, more complicated than it sounds

So basically i have a database table that stores messages between users. It has two columns; one is named "to", the other is named "from" which indicates who sent and who received. ...

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