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What do we call to someone who believes that God does not exists?

We know there are differences between, One who disbelieves/denies that God does exist One who believes/accepts that God does not exist Now Dictionary.com defines the term atheist as atheist ...

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A word or phrase for a hypothetical reaction of a person from the past to the present

This question arises from an essay in a recent bird guide, in which the author imagines how ornithologists past would react to changes since their time, and which of these would interest them most. ...

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What do you call equipment delivered as parts to be assembled on-site?

I'd like to know what word I should use for an equipment/any item that comes in various pieces to be assembled on-site by the workers, instead of coming as a fully assembled (or one seamless body ...

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Word that means “spoken so as to make clear there is no arguing”

I've tried "asking" Google this question in multiple ways, as well as using a reverse dictionary, but niether of those came close to being useful. I've seen this word several times, particularly In ...

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What's a word/phrase that can describe going from a detailed perspective to a more general one?

I had a few ideas but I'm not sure any of the words I thought of would get the point exactly right. Anyway, I thought of using the phrase "zoomed out" as in: He zooms out of a description on how ...

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Technical term for “cityglow”

I've been racking my brain (and Googling with every search term I can think of) to remember a word that describes the glow in the sky above a city (actually, any large source of artificial light, but ...

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Adjective describing something that has been rummaged through

I'm looking for a word that describes something that is in a state of disarray (because someone has been rummaging through it). Sample use: I looked at the _____ drawer with suspicion. Both "...

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How do you call a person who sees his work in everywhere

How do you call that person who's so crazy about their work that they see it in everything? For example, there's a girl who's a grammar teacher. And when she reads a novel, she always explains ...

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Translation for German word “Kür” as in “Pflicht und Kür”

I am trying to find a crisp translation of the German phrase "Pflicht und Kür. deepl.com yields "Duty and freestyle" as translation for "Pflicht und Kür" which irritated me. In my (business) context ...

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Weekly, Daily, Hourly — Minutely…?

What is the correct word for "happening every minute"? How do you pronounce it?

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Word for a network of groups/societies

I'm looking for a word that means a strongly or weakly connected network of groups/societies. These societies can choose to be in communication or may not. The point is that a society or group is ...

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What is the name for the hole in the head of a screw?

Sure, the screw itself would be a "phillips head" or a "flat head" screw, but what would you call the hole in the head? Surely "phillips head hole" or "flat head hole" just doesn't seem right - is ...

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A word that means “to convert from a unit-less quantity to a unit-ed quantity”

I have the value 30, which is a unit-less or dimension-less value. To convert this to a "unit-ed" value, I append the "ms" suffix (or more formally, multiply the dimensionless value by 1ms), giving me ...

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Is there a word for a positive, enriching type of escapism

Escapism is a valuable tool, especially in times of extreme stress, but to me seeking escapism one is not pursuing something that will enrich or bring growth to his/her life rather simply a way to ...

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What is the verb for shoppers buying from a wholesale?

Wholesale is defined as the "selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others". What is the verb for buying goods in large quantities?

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Word for working with two parallel work instruction system in a company

If living two lives, one for outside world and other in the closet is double life. What would you call preferably pejoratively for when employees are working with two procedures rule book & ...

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Is there any word to describe a person that likes to travel a lot?

Is there any accurate word to describes a person that likes to travel a lot? I'm looking for something synonymous with travel obsessed. Example: I am crazy about travel, I am a complete ...

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Dodging a moral, metaphysical or otherwise abstract question by answering the mechanics of the situation

The example that made me wonder if there's a word for this is that my bandmate can't enter the building where our rehearsal space is located on his own anymore, because the landlord took down the old ...

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A word between facilitator and mentor

I'm looking for a word to describe the role of an adult between facilitator and mentor when it comes to working with kids: someone who keeps the group on task and goal oriented, but who also might ...

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Why do Russians say that all men are billy goats (все мужики козлы)?

I was given a Russian song as a listening exercise, and, as far as I could discern, its chorus is: И мы не устаем, и с ночи до утра Мы можем говорить, говорить о мужиках. Бокал до дна в ...

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I am looking for a word to represent a mechanism for uniting similar, yet potentially disparate, operations

In my workplace, I am trying to align multiple teams toward a common goal. Today, we may be doing very similar functions, but with a tilt towards what each unit can directly control, as well as ...

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Difference between “девушка”, “девочка” and “подруга”

So, IIRC "девушка" can mean both "girl" (of any age) or "girlfriend" (I'm not entirely sure of this so feel free to call me out), but what about 'подруга'? Can I safely replace 'девушка' with ...

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名前の語呂合わせはなんですか / Wordplay in names

「オドキリ」、「キョウジュ」、「アーポン」、「ブリガミ」と「ヒルネリ」という名前のついたエルフがいます。「キョウジュ」、「ブリガミ」と「ヒルネリ」の名前の語呂合わせはわかります。「オドキリ」と「アーポン」は?? There are elfs with names "Odokiri", "Kyouju", "Aapon", "Burigami" and "Hiruneri". I ...

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What is a word for 'historically' but only relating to my personal lifetime? Something similar to 'in my experience'

For example, I'd like to say: In my experience, I've come to understand that people tend to be misunderstood. But with a word more like 'historically.' Historically, I've come to understand ...

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What do you call it when a system's own output is used for its input?

What do you call the action taking the output of a system (any system: a societal system, a mathematical operation, a recipe) and using it as an input? I don't necessarily mean when output is always ...

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What are those who await something called?

I was wondering what are those who await an incident or a person called. For example, if this is the original text: "I am one of those who await the return of Jesus Christ" and I want to turn it ...

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What do you call someone who starts arguments for their own satisfaction?

I was wondering if there is a word used to describe someone who starts arguments just because they get enjoyment/satisfaction out of it. And I don't mean a friendly debate I mean actual arguments, ...

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What do you call a government official who cannot be fired?

In Austria there are government officials who cannot be fired. Usually, they get this status after serving a certain amount of time. In German this practice is called Pragmatisierung and seems to be ...

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Looking for a two-word phrase which describes one item or thing which is the most common or important of the group

Consider a group of five avatars in a game. An event occurs, and only one of the five is the most closely related to that event. What two-word phrase describes this?

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What is the word for the verb that signifies performing the action suggested by a given noun?

I realize the wording is a little difficult to parse; essentially, I'm asking how to fill in the following blanks: The ___ of "mistake" is "make". The ___ of "action" is "perform". The ___ of "...

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