New York

I'm a Software Engineer and have about 10+ years of experience writing realtime embedded software for printers using C++.

I took a "class" with other people from work to learn how to program apps for ios devices using Objective C. We finished up this class and were done May 16, 2012. This class took us about 3 months to do. This class is the 'audit' class offered on iTunesU at http://itunes.apple.com/us/itunes-u/ipad-iphone-application-development/id473757255. The demo's that he has mid-way through almost every lecture are very helpful.

I learned C# at work and wrote applications that read/write data for a family of chips via antenna for a couple of years.

I am currently learning about servers (former person retired), just finished installing a new failover cluster, and am setting up backups that work. This is in support of a php/html/flex data driven web tool that I inherited. I wrote some interesting powerShell scripts for that recently to automate the backup.

Right now I'm also writing a new application using javaScript/JQuery. It's great that there are so many good examples online! I decided to take a Summer class in 2014 to help learn the basics a little better with the Web Page programming.

I just started a new job at the same company working on a largely c++ project using Visual Studio. Interesting learning a new Domain. Hopefully I will get to apply the web and ios programming again at some point, but this project is multi-platform so it's possible.