Age: 24

Hi, I am a programmer and web designer. Always have been a beginner and will be. As you can see, the questions I asked shows how much I know. And the reason I can't answer someone's question, is a proof that I am a NOOB.

I like to focus on learning PHP as for a web application language. I am also trying to learn and use CSS and jQuery as much as I can.

Although this is not the way www work and should not be used as a standard, I believe using Ajax is a must in web designing and the user shouldn't leave a page. When you can fetch every data user is looking for in one single page, why bother them going through 1 hundred link ?

On the other hand, I really would like to learn Linux. Recently I bought a small VPS and started setting up stuff. It's really enjoyable and fun. I also succeeded in making my first web server using Nginx, instead of buying a shared-webhost to develop websites on it.

I like Debian and Debian-based distros. Have tried many others, But I found Debian-based distros the easiest and the most documented.