Clifton Park, NY

Age: 32

Software 'Generalist' (I.E, jack of many trades, 'master' of none. Or in more amusing terms, I know enough about many different topics to be dangerous.) I have worked mostly in the past with Java SE, but have spent a decent amount of time working in Fortran and Python (Python is my language of choice, however I rarely get to use it for my job.)

Recently have joined the ranks of Java EE developers and am tiptoeing my way through Spring, Hibernate, iBatis, and Java-WS, looking for the landmines that I'm sure trip everyone up when they first start in this domain. Never thought the business logic portion of programming would be the 'easy' part.

Now playing around with mobile development. Objective-C is odd, Android is familiar, and HTML5 makes me realize that I haven't used HTML actively for years :)

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