Age: 31

Love to see what I do, hence love to create front ends… Programming is programming but sometimes I do feel that a frond end developer get so more appreciation. I once created a service that did so much… Caching data that refreshes every 5 minutes and most probable anything possible you can do optimise a backend service.

To me it was awesome because I knew what was under the hood. Sadly I am the only to think this was awesome lol.

Don’t get me wrong. Back end services needs to exists but love the flashy stuff ;)

I programmed in Delphi/Pascal in high school and since varsity in Java and Later in my career I learned Magic and C#. Back into Java nowadays using several fronts ends (Flex, GWT and JSP’s). Java is awesome and there are so many geeky things to mix it with like Spring. But that said I still love front ends… would like to see where JavaFX is going. And really hope to see it being used in the future. But time will only tell.

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