Dominic Tancredi

New York, NY

Age: 33

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Developer for over 8 years, I started Dom & Tom to work with my twin brother are mobile and web app projects, specifically games.

I have a background in front-end, back-end, side-to-side end including:


  • iphone (objective-c),
  • android (java),
  • danger hiptop (java)

web development:

  • laraval 4, symfony2, codeigniter,
  • flex / as 3.0, as 2.0 (cairngorms),
  • html, css, javascript (jquery, mootools, dojo)
  • php, cf, asp, jsp, C# / .net
  • xml, json (of course),
  • mysql, ms sql


  • wordpress,
  • joomla (built modules),
  • and I'm diggin' codeigniter and kahona

also, I make wine and brew beer! yes there's a difference