London, United Kingdom

Age: 29

I'm a software engineer working/worked in several fields including: modern web, web services, databases, mobile (Android) and desktop applications (Java Swing, WPF.NET), and their backend systems.

I have a lot of experience in: Java, Android, Web, C#, C/C++, PHP in decreasing quantity. More specifically I'm familiar with

  • Languages and frameworks: Java 1.4,5,6,7; .NET 2,3.5,4; CSS 2,3; JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, XHTML, XML, XSLT, XPath; TCL, PHP, Zend, Regular Expressions, Perl, Android, CLDC, WPF, MSSQL, Informix SQL, SQLite
  • Development tools: Eclipse, Visual Studio, EditPadPro, Notepad++, SVN (server and client) paradigms, command line and Tortoise, CVS, Perforce, Cruise Control, Confluence, Mingle, SQL Server Management Studio, Total Commander
  • Office applications: Notepad, WordPad, Microsoft Office suite, Google Drive related applications, Google Fusion Tables, LaTeX, several markups and formatting itself