Paul McMurdie

San Francisco, CA

Age: 33

I am currently a Research Associate in the Statistics Department at Stanford University. My research interests revolve around computational biology, with emphasis on open-source tools and the R language in particular.

My publications on Google Scholar

I am currently the lead developer of an R/Bioconductor package for data management and analysis of high-throughput DNA-sequencing based microbiome census data. The package is called phyloseq, and it is developed openly on GitHub, with official development and stable releases of phyloseq available from Bioconductor.

I am also contributor to the biom-format project, a general-use format and API for representing biological contingency tables and associated metadata/covariates. I am the lead developer of the R API for the project, and we have recently released a beta version of the biom package for R on the CRAN repository. The latest contributions and development details are available at the biom-format project repo on GitHub.

My background is in chemical engineering, environmental engineering, bioinformatics, and most recently, statistics and R development.