IMHO, I am a fairly seasoned Rubyist, with a solid understanding of common Ruby Frameworks/APIs (Std Lib, Rails, Sinatra, Redis...). I'm proficient in Javascript, and it's idiosyncrasies, but should probably brush up with ECMAScript 6 on the near horizon.

My current developer toolbox revolves around: git, redis, nginx, ruby, java, sql, sublime text, vim, os x, and linux.

I've spent most of my time lately digging through the RubyMotion, Celluloid, Swift, RabbitMQ, Unicode standards, and JVM based languages (Java, Scala, Clojure). At work, it's primarily custom developed rubygems, rails, and sidekiq. I've also spent a fair bit of time with Postgis at moderate scale...

And at the time of writing this, I'm just diving into Swift (language)...

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